Woman (John Lennon song: “I love you, yeah, yeah, now and forever”)

~ Song


lyricist and composer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
publisher:Lenono Music
フジパシフィックミュージック 第2事業部
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Wikidata:Q1577694 [info]


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Woman (stripped down; 2011 remaster)John Lennon & Yoko Ono3:45
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Woman (original studio mix)John Lennon & Yoko Ono3:32
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WomancoverLos Cafres3:36
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WomanJohn Lennon?:??
WomanJohn Lennon3:32
WomanJohn Lennon3:55
WomanJohn Lennon2:51
Woman (10" Sterling Acetate)John Lennon3:43
Woman (1980 Double Fantasy outtake)John Lennon?:??
Woman (acoustic demo-false start)John Lennon?:??
Woman (Acoustic Guitar Take 4)John Lennon3:23
Woman (Acoustic Guitar Take 10)John Lennon3:21
Woman (Acoustic Guitar)John Lennon3:47
Woman (alternate mix, early vocal)John Lennon3:23
Woman (alternate take with interesting backing vocals)John Lennon?:??
Woman (backing track without guitar)cover and instrumentalArthur Dick3:41
Woman (Basic Track With Voice Over)John Lennon & Yoko Ono?:??
Woman (complete acoustic demo-take #9)John Lennon?:??
Woman (demo)John Lennon?:??
Woman (double tracked guitar Demo)John Lennon?:??
Woman (full instrumental with guitar)cover and instrumentalArthur Dick3:42
Woman (home recording 1980)John Lennon & Yoko Ono4:03
Woman (instrumental guitar overdub)John Lennon?:??
Woman (John adding the whispered intro)John Lennon?:??
Woman (John recording his vocals)John Lennon?:??
Woman (June 1980 Bermuda demo)John Lennon?:??
Woman (outtake)John Lennon?:??
Woman (Overdubbed take 1)John Lennon3:08
Woman (Overdubbed take 2)John Lennon4:13
Woman (rehearsal stage)John Lennon?:??
Woman (Rhythm Box And Double Track Acoustic Guitar)John Lennon4:08
Woman (rough mix)John Lennon?:??
Woman (take 1)John Lennon2:41
Woman (Take 1)John Lennon2:41
Woman (take 4)John Lennon0:32
Woman (Take 4)John Lennon0:32
Woman (take 7)John Lennon3:53
Woman (Take 7)John Lennon3:53
Woman (Take 8 With Overdub)John Lennon3:08
Woman (Take 8 With Overdub)John Lennon4:13
Woman (take 8)John Lennon3:25
Woman (Take 8)John Lennon3:25
Woman (Take 10)John Lennon?:??
Woman (Versions 1-5)John Lennon12:14
Woman (vocal booth)John Lennon?:??