lyricist and composer:Grace Slick
publisher:Irving Music, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q1138361 [info]
later translated versions:Alice im Wunderland
White Rabbit (Arabic)


1966-10-31 – 1966-11-22White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:33
1967-06-17White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:20
1967-06-17White Rabbit (live, 1967-06-17: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveJefferson Airplane2:28
1967-09-12White RabbitGábor Szabó2:29
1969-08-17White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:53
1971-11White RabbitcoverGeorge Benson6:58
1990-11-27White Rabbit (live, 1990-11-27: BBC radio)cover and liveJune Tabor & The Oyster Band2:25
2000-12-29White Rabbit (live, 2000-12-29: Caledonien Hall, Kristiansand, Norway)cover and liveIn the Woods…3:27
2003-12-12White Rabbit (live, 2003-12-12: The Forum, London, England)cover and liveOysterband feat. June Tabor3:13
2007-07-31Heavy Metal Machine / White Rabbit (live, 2007-07-31: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover, live and partialThe Smashing Pumpkins10:19
2008-10-31Heavy Metal Machine medley: White Rabbit / Stranglehold / Tom Sawyer / YYZ / White Horse (live, 31-10-08: Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, USA)cover, live and medleyThe Smashing Pumpkins15:08
2012-07-20White Rabbit (live, 2012-07-20: Like a Version, Sydney, NSW, Australia)cover and liveLadyhawke2:47
Crimson RabbitcoverLes Modules Étranges4:40
Medleycover, live and medleyTelevision Personalities14:51
White RabbitcoverSanctuary3:13
White RabbitcoverCollide3:41
White RabbitcoverDeath Method3:14
White RabbitcoverBlue Man Group2:54
White RabbitcoverVarla Jean Merman2:46
White RabbitcoverLana Lane2:28
White RabbitcoverPatti Smith3:55
White RabbitcoverThe Durutti Column4:01
White RabbitcoverEmilíana Torrini5:07
White RabbitcoverThe Damned3:15
White RabbitcoverEmilíana Torrini2:32
White RabbitcoverThe Damned?:??
White Rabbitcover and liveSanctuary5:41
White RabbitliveGrace Slick & The Great Society6:15
White RabbitcoverSlapshot4:21
White RabbitcoverDavid Diebold feat. Kim Cataluna3:17
White RabbitcoverThe Murmurs2:39
White Rabbitcover and liveCollide3:26
White RabbitcoverEnon1:54
White RabbitcoverNicole Campbell2:26
White RabbitcoverBorn for Bliss3:56
White RabbitcoverThe Crüxshadows2:18
White RabbitcoverAct2:30
White Rabbitcover and liveThe Durutti Column4:03
White RabbitcoverMy Morning Jacket2:29
White RabbitcoverThe Vincent Black Shadow3:01
White RabbitcoverIn the Woods…3:34
White Rabbitcoverザ・モップス2:47
White RabbitcoverGrace Potter and the Nocturnals3:21
White RabbitcoverMephisto Walz4:13
White RabbitcoverShakespears Sister3:02
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:06
White RabbitcoverAlixandrea Corvyn2:48
White RabbitcoverAlixandrea Corvyn2:48
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:27
White RabbitcoverRuin...4:43
White RabbitcoverEight to the Bar3:10
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:32
White RabbitGrace Slick2:19
White RabbitcoverP!nk2:43
White RabbitCharles Bobuck3:21
White RabbitcoverOld Wounds2:51
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:32
White RabbitJefferson Airplane3:22
White RabbitcoverLizzy Borden3:37
White Rabbit (live, 1967-06-1x: Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey County Fairground, Monterey, CA, USA)liveJefferson Airplane2:31
White RabbitJefferson Airplane3:14
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:27
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane3:15
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:21
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:32
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:17
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:26
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:39
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:55
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:25
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:06
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:35
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:27
White Rabbit (live, 1969-08-15/8: Woodstock Music Festival, Bethel, NY, USA)liveJefferson Airplane2:41
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane3:00
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:26
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:26
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:15
White RabbitJefferson Airplane3:14
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:21
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:41
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane3:20
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:55
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:35
White Rabbit (original mono studio mix)Jefferson Airplane2:32
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane3:56
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:19
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:42
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:34
White RabbitJefferson Airplane3:13
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:23
White RabbitJefferson Airplane3:16
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:25
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:23
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:49
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:17
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:24
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane3:16
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:06
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:26
White RabbitJefferson Airplane4:12
White RabbitJefferson Airplane?:??
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:35
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane2:21
White RabbitJefferson Airplane?:??
White RabbitJefferson Airplane3:15
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:14
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2:27
White RabbitliveJefferson Airplane3:03
White Rabbit (Agent Provocateur mix)coverShakespears Sister3:38
White Rabbit (Different version)Jefferson Airplane2:12
White Rabbit (extended version)coverThe Damned5:14
White Rabbit (instrumental)instrumentalJefferson Airplane2:44
White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)coverDBS2:58
White Rabbit (Live in Boston)cover and liveThe Murmurs2:10
White Rabbit (live)liveJefferson Airplane2:06
White Rabbit (live)liveJefferson Airplane2:24
White Rabbit (live)liveJefferson Airplane2:24
White Rabbit (mono single version)Jefferson Airplane5:21
White Rabbit (Rosie Kohn solo)coverMosaic Whispers2:44
White Rabbit (SPC Eco mix)coverCollide4:42
White Rabbit [live]cover and liveJune Tabor & Oysterband3:16