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writer:Mick Jagger
Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist)
publisher:ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use “ABKCO”)
lyrics page:http://lyrics.wikia.com/The_Rolling_Stones:Sway [info]
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Wikidata:Q3646706 [info]


1990-03-04Sway (live, 1990-03-04: The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveCarla Olson & Mick Taylor6:56
1996-09-07Sway (live, 1996-09-07: Street Scene, San Diego, CA, USA)cover and liveAlejandro Escovedo4:45
1997-06-27SwaycoverAlvin Youngblood Hart3:38
2006Sway (live Glasgow 2006)liveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Sway (original studio mix)The Rolling Stones3:53
SwayThe Rolling Stones3:36
SwaycoverOverwhelming Colorfast2:44
SwaycoverBlack Joe Lewis & The Honeybears4:24
SwaycoverYeti Lane4:52
SwayThe Rolling Stones?:??
SwayliveThe Rolling Stones3:31
SwayliveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Swaycover and liveJason Isbell and the 400 Unit4:06
SwayThe Rolling Stones?:??
SwaycoverAlejandro Escovedo4:46
SwaycoverCarla Olson & Mick Taylor6:56
SwaycoverJesse Malin3:29
SwayThe Rolling Stones3:32
SwayThe Rolling Stones3:48
SwayThe Rolling Stones3:32
SwayThe Rolling Stones3:25
Sway (edit)The Rolling Stones3:25
SwayliveThe Rolling Stones4:58
Sway (early mix)The Rolling Stones3:26
Sway (mono promo version)The Rolling Stones?:??
Sway (No Overdubs)The Rolling Stones3:24
Sway (single version)The Rolling Stones?:??