Your Song

~ Song


lyricist:Bernie Taupin
composer:Elton John
publisher:Dick James Music Ltd. (renamed Universal/Dick James Music Ltd. since 1999‐07‐30) (ended)
Universal‐Songs of PolyGram International, Inc.
Universal/Dick James Music Ltd. (fka Dick James Music Ltd.)
ユニバーサル・ミュージック・パブリッシング Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q838829 [info]
referred to in medleys:Elephant Love (aka Elephant Love Medley, from Moulin Rouge!) (order: 10)
later translated versions:Sinun laulusi
Tu canción
part of:Moulin Rouge! (2001 film)
is the basis for:The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular) (Moulin Rouge!)


1970-11-17Your SongliveElton John3:54
1971-06-27Your Songcover and liveThe Beach Boys4:48
1971-10-11Your Song (live, 1971-10-11: Tokyo Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)liveElton John4:13
1973-12-22Your Song (mixed recordings, to clean up)liveElton John4:11
1974-05-18Your Song (live, 1974-05-18: Royal Festival Hall, London, England)liveElton John4:07
1974-10-26Medley: Your song〜Where is the love〜You make me feel brand new〜You are everything〜I won’t last a day without you〜Holidays〜Alone again (Naturally)〜Ticket to ride〜Something〜All you need is love〜What the world needs now is love (live, 1974-10-26: Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan)cover, live and medleyオフコース5:58
1974-11-28Your Song (live, 1974-11-28: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveElton John3:58
1976-02 – 1976-05Your SongcoverAl Jarreau5:37
1977-05-07Your Song (live, 1977-05-07: Rainbow Theatre, London, England)liveElton John & Ray Cooper4:15
1978Your SongcoverRoger Whittaker4:34
1986-12-14Your Song (live, 1986-12-14: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia)liveElton John with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra4:05
1993-05-13Your Song (live, 1993-05-13: Earls Court, London, England)liveElton John4:10
1997-09-15Your SongliveElton John4:24
1998-03-31Your SongliveElton John & Billy Joel4:14
1998-03Your Song (live, 1998-03: Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan)liveElton John & Billy Joel4:08
1998-06-02Your Song (live, 1998-06-02: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland)liveElton John & Billy Joel?:??
2000-10-20 – 2000-10-21Your Song (live, 2000-10: Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA)liveElton John feat. Ronan Keating4:11
2000-10Your Song (live, 2000-10: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveElton John with Ronan Keating4:18
2000-10Your Song (live, 2000-10: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveElton John & Ronan Keating5:10
2002Your Song (R.A.W. ~respect and wisdom~ CHEMISTRY ACOUSTIC LIVE 2002)cover and liveCHEMISTRY?:??
2003-03-14Your Song (live, 2003-03-14: Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, SC, USA)liveElton John & Billy Joel4:11
2007-03-25Your Song (Encore) (live, 2007-03-25: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveElton John?:??
2007-07-01Your Song (live, 2007-07-01: Concert for Diana, Wembley Stadium, London, UK)liveElton John4:01
2008Your SongcoverTina Arena4:08
2009-06-06Your Song (2009-06-06: Thomond Park, Limerick, Ireland)liveElton John5:08
2009-07-07Your Song (live, 2009-07-07: Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy)liveElton John4:46
2009-09-24Your Song (live, 2009-09-24: Le Zénith Nantes Métropole, Saint-Herblain, France)liveElton John?:??
2009-10-17Your Song (live, 2009-10-17: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)liveElton John4:31
2009-10-20Your Song (live, 2009-10-20: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain)liveElton John4:59
2011-04-14Your Song (live, 2011-04-14: Amoeba, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveEllie Goulding3:28
2014-12-06Your Songcover and liveDaniel Boaventura3:42
Dandelionsinstrumental and partialJames Newton Howard & Chris Bacon4:24
Terrafirminatorinstrumental and partialJames Newton Howard & Chris Bacon5:34
The Red Piano: Live on Tourlive and partialElton John28:05
Three Psalms of Elton: 1 - Your SongcoverSolomon Burke?:??
Tu cancióncoverYuri Buenaventura4:54
Tu cancióncoverYuri Buenaventura4:52
Your Pizzacover and partialThe Pizza Collection1:48
Your SongliveElton John3:47
Your Songcover[unknown]4:08
Your SongcoverAl Jarreau5:37
Your Songcover and instrumentalClassic Rock Orchestra Vienna4:02
Your SongcoverDave Edmunds3:37
Your SongcoverBilly Paul6:33
Your SongcoverLady Gaga4:17
Your SongcoverPiolo Pascual3:57
Your Songcover and instrumentalGheorghe Zamfir4:08
Your SongcoverUniversity of Virginia Belles3:05
Your SongcoverMarcelo Rezende3:35
Your SongcoverRockabye Baby!3:57
Your Songcover[unknown]4:05
Your SongcoverTufts University Beelzebubs3:39
Your SongElton John3:57
Your Songcover and instrumentalThe Songrise Orchestra4:00
Your SonginstrumentalMaynard Ferguson3:32
Your SongcoverAndy Williams3:27
Your SongAndy Williams3:27
Your SongcoverDave Edmunds3:33
Your SongElton John, Alessandro Safina4:23
Your Songcover and instrumentalJordan Rudess3:35
Your Songcover and instrumentalJohn Taupin4:08
Your Song木村大3:26
Your Songcover and instrumentalHank Marvin4:41
Your SongcoverNICOTINE3:00
Your SongcoverThe Streets3:58
Your SongcoverMarla Glen5:19
Your SongcoverJed Madela4:38
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:04
Your SongcoverAmii Stewart4:20
Your SongcoverDeedee O'Malley4:25
Your Songcover and instrumentalKostia4:52
Your SongcoverThe Twang3:46
Your Songcover and instrumentalBoko Suzuki3:58
Your SongcoverCalmus Ensemble Leipzig4:24
Your SongcoverFrauContraBass3:04
Your SongcoverMatthew Williams4:18
Your SongliveElton John4:12
Your Songcover綾戸智絵5:36
Your SongcoverHelle Brunvoll4:43
Your SongcoverPáll Rósinkranz3:59
Your SongcoverBoyzone4:01
Your SongcoverBilly Paul3:43
Your Song (karaoke)instrumentalElton John4:10
Your SongcoverPetula Clark3:41
Your Songcover and instrumentalFrancis Goya4:06
Your SongcoverLisa Frazier5:13
Your SongcoverJohnny Lee3:47
Your Songcover and instrumentalDoctor 37:03
Your SongcoverJim3:44
Your SongliveElton John3:56
Your Songcover and instrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra4:15
Your SongcoverMichelle Walker4:01
Your Songcover-Itis3:57
Your SongcoverAlexander O’Neal4:01
Your Songcover and instrumentalVince Guaraldi5:58
Your SongcoverDaniela Pedali?:??
Your Songcover and instrumentalThe Gary Tesca Orchestra4:02
Your SongcoverBlueEagle4:43
Your SongcoverThe New Seekers3:21
Your SongcoverRoberto Justus3:48
Your SongJulian Lloyd Webber & Elton John3:31
Your SongliveElton John?:??
Your SongcoverBilly Paul4:57
Your Songcover and instrumentalBruno Walker4:24
Your Songcover and instrumental[unknown]3:50
Your Songcover and instrumentalJim Wilson4:38
Your SongcoverSpectrum Singers3:57
Your SongcoverBrian Withycombe4:06
Your SongcoverAdam Watkiss3:23
Your SongcoverKentaro Takizawa feat. Ryohei5:24
Your SongcoverBrendan Jones3:46
Your SongliveElton John4:10
Your SongcoverThe New Seekers?:??
Your SongcoverNight Bird4:49
Your SongcoverDarin McDonald4:01
Your SongcoverBilly Paul4:27
Your Songcover and instrumentalSungha Jung3:34
Your SongcoverJohn Farnham4:06
Your SongcoverAca & Pella3:21
Your SongcoverOri Dagan4:41
Your Songcover and instrumentalDavid Benoit3:48
Your SongcoverThe Nolan Sisters?:??
Your Songcover and liveThe Osmonds2:34
Your SongcoverGheorghe Zamfir4:08
Your Songcover藤田恵美4:38
Your Song (live)liveElton John & Billy Joel4:40
Your Songcover白鳥英美子4:48
Your SongcoverJuan2:16
Your Songcover露崎春女4:30
Your SongcoverSimon Bowman3:37
Your Song (live)liveElton John & Billy Joel4:14
Your Songcover and liveMr.Children4:16
Your Songcover[unknown]4:19
Your SongcoverAl Jarreau5:51
Your SongElton John4:00
Your Song (live)cover and liveBilly Paul?:??
Your Song (live)liveElton John3:58
Your Songcover and instrumentalMaynard Ferguson3:32
Your SongcoverThe Heartaches4:04
Your SongElton John4:34
Your Songcover and instrumentalDavid Osborne2:48
Your Song (live)liveElton John3:57
Your SongliveElton John5:05
Your Songcover and instrumentalThe Nashville SuperPickers4:06
Your Song (live)liveElton John3:31
Your Songcover and instrumentalFred Benedetti & Peter Pupping3:52
Your SongcoverJames Madison University Project3:49
Your SongcoverJungle3:57
Your SongcoverAl Jarreau6:04
Your Song (part of “Festa Pronta” DJ-mix)coverBilly Paul6:18
Your SongcoverCraig Armstrong3:38
Your Songcover and liveAl Jarreau6:05
Your Songcover and instrumentalStephen Bennett3:51
Your Songcover and instrumentalAttila Fias4:24
Your SongcoverSøren Sko4:25
Your SongcoverBilly Paul6:31
Your SongcoverHoly Mother4:50
Your SongcoverUniversity of Virginia Hullabahoos3:58
Your SongcoverRichard Barnes4:31
Your SongcoverPepe Lienhard Orchester4:56
Your SongliveElton John4:05
Your Songcover and instrumentalJan Vayne3:53
Your SongcoverThe Soldiers3:52
Your SongcoverSweet Little Band3:35
Your SongcoverHerman van Veen3:40
Your SongcoverBilly Paul3:24
Your Songcover柳田ヒロ3:10
Your Songcover and instrumentalKevin Lee4:07
Your Songcover and instrumentalAldo Romano - Rémi Vignolo - Baptiste Trotignon4:45
Your Songcover and liveJulienne Taylor & the Celtic Connection5:12
Your SongcoverKris Lawrence?:??
Your Songcover and instrumentalJorge Rico4:11
Your SongcoverCalle Kristiansson4:06
Your SongcoverBarbra Zinger3:48
Your Songcover and liveAl Jarreau5:30
Your Songcover and instrumentalMarc Berthoumieux avec Giovanni Mirabassi, Henri Texier & André Ceccarelli4:55
Your SongcoverWill Martin4:03
Your SongcoverGlee Cast3:59
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:10
Your SongElton John?:??
Your SongcoverIron Horse4:14
Your SongElton John4:02
Your Songcover and liveEllie Goulding3:10
Your SongThe Streets3:58
Your Songcover and instrumentalThe Synthesizer Rock Orchestra4:00
Your Songcover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente4:06
Your SongcoverWess and the Airdales?:??
Your SongcoverCheyenne Jackson4:34
Your SongcoverThe Tesca Company of Singers?:??
Your SongcoverG4?:??
Your SongcoverCissy Houston5:43
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:08
Your Songcover and liveEllie Goulding3:24
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:08
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:08
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:09
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:06
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:09
Your SongcoverEllie Goulding3:09
Your SongcoverBobby Goldsboro3:32
Your SongcoverBobby Goldsboro?:??
Your SongcoverTaron Egerton4:01
Your SongcoverJulienne Taylor4:32
Your SongElton John & Alessandro Safina4:16
Your SongElton John & Alessandro Safina4:21
Your SongElton John3:59
Your SongcoverBoyzone3:47
Your SongcoverRoger Whittaker4:35
Your SonginstrumentalInishkea3:11
Your SonginstrumentalPatrick James3:50
Your SongElton John4:03
Your Song (live, 1974-11-28: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveElton John4:21
Your Song (live, 2000-10: Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA)cover and liveElton John feat. Ronan Keating4:11
Your Songcover杉山清貴4:22
Your SongcoverAndrew Gold4:01
Your SongcoverRosa4:05
Your SongcoverHarry Connick, Jr.3:35
Your SongcoverJohn Barrowman3:19
Your SongElton John4:02
Your SongcoverPatti LaBelle feat. Elton John5:23
Your SongcoverSara Sangfelt3:30
Your SongcoverBeth3:10
Your SongcoverJamie Cullum4:43
Your Song (live: The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveElton John4:39
Your Songcover槇原敬之4:08
Your SongcoverDoublemind5:20
Your SongcoverJim Witter4:05
Your SongElton John3:44
Your SongcoverCilla Black3:56
Your SongcoverElton John with Alessandro Safina4:21
Your SongcoverChris Foster4:43
Your Songcover and instrumentalJeremy Weinglass3:41
Your Songcover and instrumentalMichael Lucarelli4:06
Your Songcover and liveCasey Abrams3:43
Your SongcoverThree Dog Night4:03
Your SongcoverBoyzone3:54
Your SongcoverEwan McGregor and Alessandro Safina3:39
Your SongcoverRick Wakeman3:47
Your SongcoverRod Stewart4:50
Your SongcoverMichael Chapdelaine4:14
Your SongcoverMattias Andréasson3:12
Your Song (BBC session)Elton John4:01
Your Song (Blackmill remix) (part of “The Dubstep Special” DJ-mix)coverEllie Goulding2:22
Your Song (demo)Elton John3:34
Your Song (Elton at 50 montage) (live, 1997)liveElton John?:??
Your Song (instrumental from the “Rehearsal Montage” scene)cover and instrumentalNicole Kidman2:28
Your Song (instrumental)instrumentalElton John & Alessandro Safina4:23
Your Song (instrumental) (from the “After the Storm” scene)instrumentalMarius DeVries4:58
Your Song (instrumental) (from the “Rehearsal Montage” scene)instrumentalCraig Armstrong2:30
Your Song (karaoke version)cover and instrumental[unknown]4:09
Your Song (radio edit)coverJungle3:54
Your Song (string version)instrumentalCraig Armstrong2:53
Your Song (The Voice Performance)cover and liveJessie Pitts3:05
Your Song (Transensual mix) (part of “Dancemania EX2” DJ-mix)coverObsession4:37
Your Song (Transensual mix)coverObsession7:42
Your Song (Transensual mix) (part of “Dancemania Trance Z” DJ‐mix)coverObsession4:12
Your Song (X Factor performance)cover and liveOne Direction2:26
Your Song / Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Mecover and medleyColumbus Gay Men's Chorus5:27
Your Song / This One's For YoucoverKuh Ledesma3:56