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Last updated: 2020-05-28


This type onlyIncluding subtypes
Area-Area relationships:118,0730.4%
has part118,073118,073100.0%
Area-Artist relationships:00.0%
Area-Event relationships:2,6880.0%
{entity1} was held in {entity0}2,6882,688100.0%
Area-Instrument relationships:5410.0%
{entity1} is a traditional instrument from {entity0}541541100.0%
Area-Label relationships:00.0%
Area-Place relationships:00.0%
Area-Recording relationships:83,9480.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} engineered in {entity0}1,10582,23698.0%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} edited in {entity0}2792790.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} mixed in {entity0}1,6201,6202.0%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} recorded in {entity0}79,18079,18096.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} remixed in {entity0}52520.1%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} produced in {entity0}1,1041,1041.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} shot in {entity0}3993990.5%
{entity1} was arranged in {entity0}2092090.2%
Area-Release relationships:14,6900.1%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} engineered in {entity0}481,1207.6%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} {re}mastered in {entity0}17017115.3%
{entity1}'s lacquer was cut in {entity0}110.6%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} edited in {entity0}15151.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} mixed in {entity0}1051059.4%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} recorded in {entity0}78178169.7%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} remixed in {entity0}000.0%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} produced in {entity0}1361360.9%
{entity1} was arranged in {entity0}440.0%
{entity1} was manufactured in {entity0}9,6569,65665.7%
{entity1} was printed in {entity0}3,7743,77425.7%
Area-Release Group
Area-Release Group relationships:00.0%
Area-Series relationships:00.0%
Area-URL relationships:378,6121.4%
is a page in a database for10378,612100.0%
has a Geonames page at147,066147,06638.8%
has a Wikidata page at118,034118,03431.2%
has a Wikipedia page at113,502113,50230.0%
Area-Work relationships:4,0590.0%
{entity1} is dedicated to {entity0}34340.8%
{entity1} is/was an anthem of {entity0}2982987.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} written in {entity0}5682,15753.1%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} arranged in {entity0}88884.1%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} composed in {entity0}1,2921,29259.9%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} translated in {entity0}000.0%
{entity1} was revised in {entity0}12120.6%
The libretto for {entity1} was {additional:additionally} written in {entity0}110.0%
The lyrics for {entity1} were {additional:additionally} written in {entity0}1961969.1%
{entity1} was premiered in {entity0}1,5701,57038.7%
Artist-Artist relationships:439,0751.6%
musical relationship0415,20694.6%
collaborated {minor:minorly} {additional:additionally} on6,3216,3211.5%
is a tribute to7917910.2%
is/was {additional:an|a} {additional} {original} {eponymous} member of331,684331,68479.9%
is/was {assistant:an|a} {assistant} {principal} {guest} conductor {emeritus} for4,5024,5021.1%
is/was a subgroup of1,6441,6440.4%
is/was a supporting artist for1,4114,9691.2%
does/did {instrument} support for2,7432,74355.2%
does/did {vocal:%|vocals} support for81581516.4%
is/was artistic director for2232230.1%
performed the voice of5,3655,3651.3%
performs as43,66043,66010.5%
was a composer-in-residence at1021020.0%
personal relationship023,8695.4%
has {half:half-}{step}sibling8,7858,78536.8%
is named after76760.3%
is the {step}parent of8,6138,61336.1%
is/was married to5,5185,51823.1%
is/was romantically involved with8778773.7%
Artist-Event relationships:116,3470.4%
guest performer at3,2383,2382.8%
host at8608600.7%
non-performing relationships0620.1%
had tribute event6262100.0%
taught at17170.0%
was a conductor at1,2821,2821.1%
was a main performer at97,21497,21483.6%
was a support act at12,55112,55110.8%
was a supporting DJ at1121120.1%
was an orchestra at1,0111,0110.9%
Artist-Instrument relationships:800.0%
Artist-Label relationships:27,7020.1%
had a creative position at1,1931,1934.3%
had a producer position at7147142.6%
had a recording contract with9,1049,10432.9%
had an engineer position at1861860.7%
has personal label1,8341,8346.6%
has personal publisher2,5032,5039.0%
Artist-Place relationships:8,5040.0%
{entity1} is named after {entity0}33330.4%
{entity1} is/was the primary concert venue of {entity0}5005005.9%
is connected to the educational institution01,79421.1%
is associated with20720711.5%
studied at1,0151,01556.6%
taught at57257231.9%
was a composer-in-residence at25250.3%
was organist at2642643.1%
works as an engineer at2,9013,85845.4%
works as a mastering engineer at66066017.1%
works as a mixing engineer at93932.4%
works as a recording engineer at2042045.3%
Artist-Recording relationships:9,460,10135.4%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged284,081336,5253.6%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged {instrument:%|instruments} on21,91946,28313.8%
{additional:additionally} orchestrated24,36424,36452.6%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged {vocal:%|vocals} on6,1616,1611.8%
{additional:additionally} {guest} {solo} performed186,0135,002,19281.6%
performed {additional} {guest} {solo} {instrument:%|instruments} on3,416,0413,416,04168.3%
performed {additional} {guest} {solo} {vocal:%|vocals} on1,400,1381,400,13828.0%
{additional:additionally} conducted603,074603,0749.8%
orchestra {additional:additionally} performed500,959500,9598.2%
performed {additional} chorus master on18,74618,7460.3%
was the {guest} concertmaster for7,6327,6320.1%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}{executive:executive }engineered462,9481,617,74357.7%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}audio engineered7,9577,9570.5%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}balance engineered62,08062,0803.8%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}edited116,480116,4807.2%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}mastered4,7634,7630.3%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}mixed435,578435,57826.9%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}sound engineered48,23048,2303.0%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} programmed {instrument:% on}51,35551,3553.2%
was {additional} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}recording engineer for428,352428,35226.5%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}{executive:executive }produced1,161,2191,161,21941.4%
has a miscellaneous role on5,69324,8280.9%
{entity1} has {additional} photography by {entity0}5645642.3%
holds phonographic copyright for8,2808,28033.3%
provided {additional} art direction on1,6941,6946.8%
provided {additional} creative direction on1,7791,7797.2%
provided {additional} design/illustration on7567563.0%
provided {additional} graphic design on2942941.2%
provided artist & repertoire support for1,2841,2845.2%
provided booking for83830.3%
provided legal representation for83830.3%
was the piano technician for4,0744,07416.4%
remixes and compilations0178,8581.9%
{additional:additionally} remixed134,078134,07875.0%
{entity1} contains {additional} samples by {entity0}1,0741,0740.6%
appears on video4,5644,56454.8%
directed the video3,7613,76145.2%
Artist-Release relationships:713,6372.7%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged6,64710,69230.3%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged {instrument:%|instruments} on2,2953,70634.7%
{additional:additionally} orchestrated1,4111,41138.1%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged {vocal:%|vocals} on3393393.2%
{additional:additionally} wrote7,00524,64669.7%
{additional:additionally} composed12,80512,80552.0%
{additional:additionally} translated2022020.8%
{additional:additionally} wrote the libretto for75750.3%
{additional:additionally} wrote the lyrics for4,5594,55918.5%
{additional:additionally} {guest} {solo} performed8,483262,98897.7%
performed {additional} {guest} {solo} {instrument:%|instruments} on189,839189,83972.2%
performed {additional} {guest} {solo} {vocal:%|vocals} on64,66664,66624.6%
{additional:additionally} conducted3,3683,3681.3%
orchestra {additional:additionally} performed2,1452,1450.8%
performed {additional} chorus master on4704700.2%
was the {guest} concertmaster for1491490.1%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}{executive:executive }engineered30,401141,64536.0%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}{re}mastered58,15258,41941.2%
cut the lacquer for2672670.5%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}audio engineered6236230.4%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}balance engineered1251250.1%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}edited3,3093,3092.3%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}mixed23,10223,10216.3%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}sound engineered1,6831,6831.2%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} programmed {instrument:% on}4,8514,8513.4%
was {additional} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}recording engineer for19,13219,13213.5%
{additional:additionally} {assistant} {associate} {co:co-}{executive:executive }produced88,63188,63122.5%
has a miscellaneous role on3,466163,69041.5%
{entity1} has {additional} photography by {entity0}48,14448,14429.4%
{translator:translated|wrote} {additional} liner notes for22,89622,89614.0%
edited the booklet of1,2931,2930.8%
holds copyright for2,2163,5122.1%
holds phonographic copyright for1,2961,29636.9%
provided {additional} art direction on14,80114,8019.0%
provided {additional} design/illustration on26,90967,67041.3%
provided {additional} design on12,79032,13347.5%
provided {additional} graphic design on19,34319,34360.2%
provided {additional} illustration on8,6288,62812.8%
provided {additional} legal representation for8928920.5%
provided booking for8088080.5%
was the piano technician for37370.0%
remixes and compilations015,2132.1%
{additional:additionally} remixed9099096.0%
{entity1} contains {additional} samples by {entity0}1231230.8%
DJ-mixed {medium:% of}8,3768,37655.1%
Artist-Release Group
Artist-Release Group relationships:8,4690.0%
{entity1} is a tribute to {entity0}4,7644,76456.3%
{entity1} is dedicated to {entity0}4284285.1%
is named after21210.2%
provided {additional} creative direction on7787789.2%
provided artist & repertoire support for2,4782,47829.3%
Artist-Series relationships:2,0710.0%
{entity1} catalogues the work of {entity0}88388342.6%
{entity1} is a tour by {entity0}95095045.9%
Artist-URL relationships:2,700,00310.1%
has a BBC Music page at6,8476,8477.3%
has a biography page at44,57344,57347.4%
has a discography page at094,023100.0%
has a fan page at6,9896,9897.4%
has a picture at12,05012,05012.8%
has an interview at4,0184,0184.3%
get the music0216,0818.0%
can be streamed at1,6161,6160.7%
has Bandcamp page at68,21468,21431.6%
has CD Baby page at3,0313,0311.4%
music can be downloaded for free at5,3505,3502.5%
music can be purchased for download at57,06757,06726.4%
music can be purchased for mail-order at5,0495,0492.3%
music can be streamed for free at75,75475,75435.1%
has a page in a database at288,5761,536,10356.9%
has a Bandsintown page at6,3236,3230.4%
has a BookBrainz page at96960.0%
has a CPDL page at440.0%
has a Discogs page at656,144656,14442.7%
has a page at42,59042,5902.8%
has a SecondHandSongs page at8,2358,2350.5%
has a page at12,37012,3700.8%
has a Songkick page at23,40123,4011.5%
has a VGMdb page at10,89410,8940.7%
has a Wikidata page at188,343188,34312.3%
has a Wikipedia page at68,46168,4614.5%
has an Allmusic page at102,984102,9846.7%
has an IMDb page at45,67145,6713.0%
has an IMSLP page at5,8905,8900.4%
has VIAF ID at76,12176,1215.0%
has an official homepage at199,246199,2467.4%
has lyrics available at34,23134,2311.3%
online data0620,31923.0%
has a blog at16,91316,9132.7%
has a crowdfunding page at2592590.0%
has a patronage page at9309300.1%
has a social networking page at361,470598,90596.5%
has a Myspace page at78,37078,37013.1%
has a PureVolume page at1,7911,7910.3%
has a SoundCloud page at82,15382,15313.7%
has an official video channel at3,59775,12112.5%
has an official YouTube channel at71,52471,52495.2%
has an online community page at3,3123,3120.5%
Artist-Work relationships:2,182,6198.2%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged35,66548,3182.2%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged {instrument:%|instruments} on3,51112,06025.0%
{additional:additionally} orchestrated8,5498,54970.9%
{additional:additionally} {co:co-}arranged {vocal:%|vocals} on5935931.2%
{additional:additionally} wrote451,1182,125,94297.8%
{additional:additionally} composed1,138,3611,138,36153.5%
{additional:additionally} translated15,05215,0520.7%
{additional:additionally} wrote the libretto for16,85816,8580.8%
{additional:additionally} wrote the lyrics for502,186502,18623.6%
had a miscellaneous role on5888,3590.4%
{entity1} is dedicated to {entity0}4,0634,06348.6%
{entity1} was premiered by {entity0}4814815.8%
{entity1} was previously attributed to {entity0}1,1181,11813.4%
is named after53530.6%
Event-Event relationships:10,9840.0%
has parts10,75110,75197.9%
was rescheduled as2332332.1%
Event-Instrument relationships:00.0%
Event-Label relationships:00.0%
Event-Place relationships:36,9550.1%
was held at36,95536,955100.0%
Event-Recording relationships:75,8320.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} shot at {entity0}2,8142,8143.7%
{entity1} was recorded at {entity0}73,01873,01896.3%
Event-Release relationships:8,9270.0%
{entity1} was available at {entity0}3,6263,62640.6%
{entity1} was recorded at {entity0}5,1925,19258.2%
was a launch event for1091091.2%
Event-Release Group
Event-Release Group relationships:5610.0%
was a launch event for25325345.1%
was a performance of30830854.9%
Event-Series relationships:21,3550.1%
is a part of21,35521,355100.0%
Event-URL relationships:38,7770.1%
has a crowdfunding page at10100.0%
has a page in a database at51024,61663.5%
has a Bandsintown page at1,0891,0894.4%
has a page at1,2471,2475.1%
has a page at18,15418,15473.7%
has a Songkick page at2,9392,93911.9%
has a VGMdb page at2122120.9%
has a Wikidata page at2742741.1%
has a Wikipedia page at1911910.8%
has a patronage page at19190.0%
has a review page at4,1004,10010.6%
has a social networking page at6,1656,16515.9%
has an official homepage at2,9312,9317.6%
has an official video channel at221430.4%
has an official YouTube channel at12112184.6%
has poster at7937932.0%
Event-Work relationships:1,8680.0%
{entity1} was premiered at {entity0}1,8681,868100.0%
Instrument-Instrument relationships:1,2650.0%
has child611,265100.0%
has derived instrument1171179.2%
has part14314311.3%
has subtype79879863.1%
is related to10714611.5%
is a hybrid of393926.7%
Instrument-Label relationships:50.0%
{entity1} invented {entity0}55100.0%
Instrument-Place relationships:00.0%
Instrument-Recording relationships:00.0%
Instrument-Release relationships:00.0%
Instrument-Release Group
Instrument-Release Group relationships:00.0%
Instrument-Series relationships:00.0%
Instrument-URL relationships:1,1180.0%
has a page in a database at088679.2%
has a Wikidata page at87987999.2%
has a Wikipedia page at770.8%
has a picture at16816815.0%
information page64645.7%
Instrument-Work relationships:00.0%
Label-Label relationships:18,8460.1%
business association018,846100.0%
has imprint2,3332,33312.4%
is/was distributing the catalog of2,5652,56513.6%
is/was reissuing the catalog of2332331.2%
is/was the parent label of12,44712,44766.0%
was renamed into1,2681,2686.7%
Label-Place relationships:00.0%
Label-Recording relationships:231,4120.9%
contracted tasks04,2261.8%
{entity1} was {co:co-}{executive:executive }produced for {entity0}3,6953,69587.4%
{entity1} was arranged for {entity0}1781784.2%
{entity1} was mixed for {entity0}3533538.4%
holds phonographic copyright for220,277220,27795.2%
Label-Release relationships:128,7370.5%
contracted tasks05120.4%
{entity1} was {co:co-}{executive:executive }produced for {entity0}26226251.2%
{entity1} was arranged for {entity0}330.6%
{entity1} was manufactured for {entity0}24024046.9%
{entity1} was mixed for {entity0}771.4%
has business association with934116,12590.2%
holds copyright for37,00273,10062.9%
{entity1} was licensed to {entity0}4,8774,8776.7%
holds phonographic copyright for28,96828,96839.6%
glass mastered8178175.4%
is the rights society associated with12,10012,1009.4%
Label-Release Group
Label-Release Group relationships:810.0%
{entity1} is a tribute to {entity0}8181100.0%
Label-Series relationships:9600.0%
publishes series960960100.0%
Label-URL relationships:190,4490.7%
get the music08,7254.6%
has Bandcamp page at7,6307,63087.4%
music can be downloaded for free at65650.7%
music can be purchased for download at90190110.3%
music can be purchased for mail-order at1291291.5%
has a page in a database at8,685106,04255.7%
has a BookBrainz page at770.0%
has a Discogs page at88,85188,85183.8%
has a page at4684680.4%
has a SecondHandSongs page at880.0%
has a VGMdb page at6766760.6%
has a Wikidata page at6,4306,4306.1%
has a Wikipedia page at6966960.7%
has an IMDb page at1071070.1%
has VIAF ID at1141140.1%
has an official homepage at31,52331,52316.6%
online data044,15923.2%
has a blog at1,3521,3523.1%
has a catalog of records at2,7542,7546.2%
has a crowdfunding page at11110.0%
has a fan page at1381380.3%
has a logo at1,7071,7073.9%
has a patronage page at41410.1%
has a social networking page at22,41037,66785.3%
has a Myspace page at4,5164,51612.0%
has a SoundCloud page at5,9595,95915.8%
has an official video channel at3944,78212.7%
has an official YouTube channel at4,3884,38891.8%
has its history presented at4894891.1%
Label-Work relationships:242,8750.9%
{entity1} is dedicated to {entity0}990.0%
Place-Place relationships:2,7940.0%
has part2,6682,66895.5%
relocated to1261264.5%
Place-Recording relationships:1,198,1984.5%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} engineered at {entity0}14,6591,181,00998.6%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} edited at {entity0}5,1815,1810.4%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} mixed at {entity0}133,123133,12311.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} recorded at {entity0}1,025,3031,025,30386.8%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} remixed at {entity0}2,7432,7430.2%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} produced at {entity0}12,07612,0761.0%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} shot at {entity0}4,8284,8280.4%
{entity1} was arranged at {entity0}2852850.0%
Place-Release relationships:44,1590.2%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} engineered at {entity0}93042,67996.6%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} {re}mastered at {entity0}20,56720,84248.8%
{entity1}'s lacquer was cut in {entity0}2752751.3%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} edited at {entity0}2272270.5%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} mixed at {entity0}3,8583,8589.0%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} recorded at {entity0}16,73216,73239.2%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} remixed at {entity0}90900.2%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} produced at {entity0}4474471.0%
{entity1} was arranged at {entity0}25250.1%
{entity1} was manufactured at {entity0}1631,0082.3%
{entity1} was glass mastered at {entity0}20520520.3%
{entity1} was pressed at {entity0}64064063.5%
Place-Release Group
Place-Release Group relationships:00.0%
Place-Series relationships:00.0%
Place-URL relationships:53,8630.2%
has a page in a database at86226,87249.9%
has a Bandsintown page at18180.1%
has a Discogs page at12,09812,09845.0%
has a Geonames page at13130.0%
has a page at7227222.7%
has a page at2,5862,5869.6%
has a Songkick page at1,5491,5495.8%
has a Wikidata page at7,1757,17526.7%
has a Wikipedia page at1,4991,4995.6%
has an IMDb page at49490.2%
has VIAF ID at3013011.1%
has an official homepage at13,01413,01424.2%
online data013,97725.9%
has a blog at2572571.8%
has a crowdfunding page at000.0%
has a patronage page at12120.1%
has a picture at1,8981,89813.6%
has a social networking page at10,62610,89678.0%
has a Myspace page at2172172.0%
has a SoundCloud page at53530.5%
has an official video channel at499146.5%
has an official YouTube channel at86586594.6%
Place-Work relationships:2,5010.0%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} written at {entity0}2051,08843.5%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} arranged at {entity0}70706.4%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} composed at {entity0}72972967.0%
{entity1} was {additional:additionally} translated at {entity0}000.0%
{entity1} was revised at {entity0}440.4%
The libretto for {entity1} was {additional:additionally} written at {entity0}000.0%
The lyrics for {entity1} were {additional:additionally} written at {entity0}80807.4%
{entity1} was premiered at {entity0}1,3581,35854.3%
Recording-Recording relationships:114,3320.4%
other versions036,32731.8%
has a karaoke version17,87117,87149.2%
has music video7,7027,70221.2%
is a remaster of1,5081,5084.2%
is an edit of8,5438,54323.5%
is the earliest release of7037031.9%
remixes and compilations078,00468.2%
contains {additional} samples from11,31811,31814.5%
is a compilation of11,93011,93015.3%
is a DJ-mix of5,3575,3576.9%
is a mash-up of7,7337,7339.9%
is a remix of41,66641,66653.4%
Recording-Release relationships:4200.0%
has {additional} samples taken from420420100.0%
Recording-Release Group
Recording-Release Group relationships:00.0%
Recording-Series relationships:8,5250.0%
is a part of8,5258,525100.0%
Recording-URL relationships:112,7720.4%
get the music0104,15892.4%
{video} can be streamed for free at80,60280,60277.4%
can be downloaded for free at9,6799,6799.3%
can be purchased for download at12,61012,61012.1%
can be streamed at1,2671,2671.2%
has a crowdfunding page at49490.0%
has a page in a database at5,6045,9025.2%
has a SecondHandSongs page at1421422.4%
has an Allmusic page at1561562.6%
is licensed under2,0382,0381.8%
contains samples from the IMDb entry at625625100.0%
Recording-Work relationships:3,920,06114.7%
is a {live} {medley:medley including a} {partial} {instrumental} {cover} recording of3,920,0613,920,061100.0%
Release Group-Release Group
Release Group-Release Group relationships:43,7580.2%
covers and versions06421.5%
is a {translated} {parody} cover of34934954.4%
is a live performance of29329345.6%
is a single/EP which was taken from28,52328,52365.2%
is included in12,17212,17227.8%
remixes and compilations02,4215.5%
is a DJ-mix of22220.9%
is a mash-up of28281.2%
is a remix of2,3712,37197.9%
Release Group-Series
Release Group-Series relationships:68,5790.3%
{entity1} was {anniversary:an anniversary tour for|a tour in support of} {entity0}3053050.4%
is a part of68,27468,27499.6%
Release Group-URL
Release Group-URL relationships:579,3742.2%
has a review page at26,12526,12572.6%
has a standalone website at9,8819,88127.4%
has a crowdfunding page at5215210.1%
has a page in a database at73,571528,56791.2%
has a BookBrainz page at550.0%
has a Discogs page at219,857219,85741.6%
has a Wikidata page at109,610109,61020.7%
has a Wikipedia page at55,69055,69010.5%
has an Allmusic page at58,43558,43511.1%
has an IMDb page at11,39911,3992.2%
has lyrics available at14,28014,2802.5%
Release Group-Work
Release Group-Work relationships:00.0%
Release-Release relationships:18,4500.1%
{bonus:may be|is} part of a set, the next disc in the set is6956953.8%
covers or other versions017,37394.2%
is a remaster of6,8366,83639.3%
is the original for the transliterated/translated track listing10,53710,53760.7%
was released in support of3823822.1%
Release-Release Group
Release-Release Group relationships:00.0%
Release-Series relationships:22,5460.1%
is a part of22,54622,546100.0%
Release-URL relationships:2,735,77110.2%
get the music0920,60133.7%
{video} can be streamed for free at294,914294,91432.0%
can be downloaded for free at88,89088,8909.7%
can be purchased for download at463,980463,98050.4%
can be purchased for mail-order at65,67065,6707.1%
can be streamed at7,1477,1470.8%
has a crowdfunding page at4394390.0%
has a discography entry at58,11058,1102.1%
has a page in a database at101,1011,062,07438.8%
has a BookBrainz page at14140.0%
has a Discogs page at912,018912,01885.9%
has a SecondHandSongs page at4764760.0%
has a VGMdb page at19,19019,1901.8%
has an Allmusic page at29,27529,2752.8%
has Amazon ASIN667,345667,34524.4%
has cover art at2,9872,9870.1%
has show notes at3,1113,1110.1%
is licensed under21,10421,1040.8%
contains samples from the IMDb entry at000.0%
Release-Work relationships:00.0%
Series-Series relationships:8860.0%
has subseries886886100.0%
Series-URL relationships:7,4690.0%
{entity1} is a feed for podcast {entity0}47470.6%
has a crowdfunding page at770.1%
has a page in a database at1494,35658.3%
has a Discogs page at2,7712,77163.6%
has a page at990.2%
has a Wikidata page at1,1821,18227.1%
has a Wikipedia page at2452455.6%
has a patronage page at23230.3%
has a social networking page at1,0151,06414.2%
has a SoundCloud page at49494.6%
has an official homepage at1,8081,80824.2%
has an official video channel at151642.2%
has an official YouTube channel at14914990.9%
Series-Work relationships:33,6770.1%
{entity1} is a part of {entity0}33,57833,57899.7%
URL-URL relationships:00.0%
URL-Work relationships:195,4000.7%
{entity1} has a crowdfunding page at {entity0}40400.0%
{entity1} has a page in a database at {entity0}11,83179,54140.7%
{entity1} has a BookBrainz page at {entity0}82820.1%
{entity1} has a Discogs page at {entity0}1,2701,2701.6%
{entity1} has a SecondHandSongs page at {entity0}13,30513,30516.7%
{entity1} has a Songfacts page at {entity0}2,0422,0422.6%
{entity1} has a Wikidata page at {entity0}29,09129,09136.6%
{entity1} has a Wikipedia page at {entity0}6,3506,3508.0%
{entity1} has an Allmusic page at {entity0}13,15213,15216.5%
{entity1} has an IMDb page at {entity0}6276270.8%
{entity1} has VIAF ID at {entity0}1,7911,7912.3%
{entity1} has a work list entry at {entity0}2,3252,3251.2%
{entity1} has lyrics available at {entity0}95,30595,30548.8%
{entity1} is licensed under {entity0}42420.0%
get the score018,1479.3%
The score for {entity1} can be downloaded for free at {entity0}17,20917,20994.8%
The score for {entity1} can be purchased for download at {entity0}4854852.7%
The score for {entity1} can be purchased for mail-order at {entity0}4534532.5%
Work-Work relationships:285,8291.1%
has part226,585226,58579.3%
is a medley of4,2354,2351.5%
is the earliest version of {translated} {parody}25,30055,00919.2%
has arrangement15,10516,82230.6%
has orchestration1,7171,71710.2%
has revision1,2781,2782.3%
is the basis for11,60911,60921.1%