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Created and produced by parents of young children, WBUR's Circle Round adapts carefully selected folktales from around the world into sound- and music-rich radio plays for kids ages 3 to 103. Each 15- to 25-minute episode explores important issues like kindness, persistence, and generosity. And each episode ends with an activity that inspires a deeper conversation between children and grown-ups.

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Release Groups

120172017-06-08: Circle Round #1, "It Could Always Get Worse"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jason Alexander, Natalia Lewis & Natalie JacobsonBroadcast + Audio drama1
220172017-09-19: Circle Round #2, "Stella and the Dragon"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kathryn Hahn, James Konicek & Mia RilletteBroadcast + Audio drama1
320172017-09-26: Circle Round #3, "Why the Ocean Is Salty"Rebecca Sheir feat. Lou Diamond Phillips, Jon Jon Briones & John LescaultBroadcast + Audio drama1
420172017-10-03: Circle Round #4, "The Happiest Person in the World"Rebecca Sheir feat. Laura C. Harris, Delores King Williams, Anya Whelan-Smith, Keshav Moodliar, John Lescault, Mitch Hebert & Jon CryerBroadcast + Audio drama1
520172017-10-10: Circle Round #5, "The Rice Cakes and the Oni"Rebecca Sheir feat. Tamlyn Tomita, Hudson Yang & Corey HarrisBroadcast + Audio drama1
620172017-10-17: Circle Round #6, "The Barber's Secret"Rebecca Sheir feat. Craig Wallace, Kimberly Schraf, Alexandra Templer, Anya Whelan-Smith, Katasha Acosta, Tom Story, Ryan Haddad, Delores King Williams & Noah SchnappBroadcast + Audio drama1
720172017-10-24: Circle Round #7, "The Owner of the Sun"Rebecca Sheir feat. Joanna Hausman, Jose Miguel Dao, Chantal Nchako & Eric MessnerBroadcast + Audio drama1
820172017-10-31: Circle Round #8, "The Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle"Rebecca Sheir feat. Anne Undeland, Annabella Rae Sherman & Sela WardBroadcast + Audio drama1
920172017-11-07: Circle Round #9, "The Lion's Whisker"Rebecca Sheir feat. Miles Brown, Marsai Martin & Ofeibea Quist-ArctonBroadcast + Audio drama1
1020172017-11-14: Circle Round #10, "Thunder and Lightning"Rebecca Sheir feat. Yetide Badaki, Dayo Okeniyi, Chiazotam Ekekezie, Angel Blaise & Josiah AkinyeleBroadcast + Audio drama1
1120172017-11-21: Circle Round #11, "Princess in the Mirror"Rebecca Sheir feat. Rachel Belleman, Angel Blaise, Jeremy Brothers, Lizzie Milanovich, Ben Atherton Zeman & Lucinda ZemanBroadcast + Audio drama1
1220172017-11-28: Circle Round #12, "Onions and Garlic"Rebecca Sheir feat. Rachel Belleman, Angel Blaise, Jeremy Brothers, Lizzie Milanovich, Ben Atherton Zeman & Lucinda ZemanBroadcast + Audio drama1
1320172017-12-05: Circle Round #13, "Clever Manka"Rebecca Sheir feat. Eric Messner, Mitch Hebert, Brendan Dalton, Tom Story & Bridget MoynahanBroadcast + Audio drama1
1420172017-12-12: Circle Round #14, "The Shepherd's Disguise"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kim Schraf, Maizy Scarpa, Roseann Cane, Jacob Yeh, Mitch Hebert & Tony HaleBroadcast + Audio drama1
1520172017-12-19: Circle Round #15, "The Magpie With Salt on Her Tail"Rebecca Sheir feat. Rachael Harris, Taran Killam & Rachel GardnerBroadcast + Audio drama1
1620172017-12-26: Circle Round #16, "The Answer You Seek"Rebecca Sheir feat. Ari Shapiro, Wade Goodwyn, Mary Ann Hubbard, Norm Thibeault, Maizy Scarpa, Jefferson Russell, Laura Gardner & Hana KennyBroadcast + Audio drama1
1720182018-01-02: Circle Round #17, "Latchkey Stew"Rebecca Sheir feat. Roseann Cane, Anne Undeland, Hana Kenny, Maizy Scarpa, Jacob Yeh, Jefferson Russell, Thom Whaley & Jurnee Smollett-BellBroadcast + Audio drama1
1820182018-01-16: Circle Round #18, "The Forbidden Knot"Rebecca Sheir feat. Eric Messner, Mitch Hebert, James Konicek, Kim Schraf & Mel RodriguezBroadcast + Audio drama1
1920182018-01-23: Circle Round #19, "The Goat in the Garden"Rebecca Sheir feat. Ray Magliozzi, Lauren Weisman, Rosi Amador, Alisa Amador & Brian Folkins-AmadorBroadcast + Audio drama1
2020182018-01-30: Circle Round #20, "Sadko and the Sea"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Thom Whaley, Lakshmi Singh & Max GreenfieldBroadcast + Audio drama1
2120182018-02-06: Circle Round #21, "What Am I Hearing?"Rebecca Sheir feat. Eric ShimelonisBroadcast + Audio drama1
2220182018-02-13: Circle Round #22, "The Magic Cloth"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kelly Hu, Albert Tsai, Jacob Yeh, Ray Sheen, Sarah Storm & JaBen EarlyBroadcast + Audio drama1
2320182018-02-27: Circle Round #23, "The Drum"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jacob Yeh, Sarah Storm, Eric Messner, Hana Kenny, Mitch Hebert, Phoebe Lloyd, Anu Yadav & Shankar VedantamBroadcast + Audio drama1
2420182018-03-06: Circle Round #24, "Share and Share Alike"Rebecca Sheir feat. Tiffany Boone & Glynn WashingtonBroadcast + Audio drama1
2520182018-03-13: Circle Round #25, "Three Wishes"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kimberly Schraf, Patrick Fabian & Mandy FabianBroadcast + Audio drama1
2620182018-03-20: Circle Round #26, "The Hat, the Horn, and the Purse"Rebecca Sheir feat. Bobby Moynihan, Judith Ivey, Thom Whaley, Jacob Yeh, Jason McCool, Jefferson Russell & Sarah MarshallBroadcast + Audio drama1
2720182018-03-27: Circle Round #27, "Maushop and Grandfather Son"Rebecca Sheir feat. Katasha Acosta, Alexandra Templer, Delores King Williams, Brendan Dalton, Tom Story, Keshav Moodliar, Morgan Elizabeth, Craig Wallace & Wes StudiBroadcast + Audio drama1
2820182018-04-10: Circle Round #28, "Ashes for Sale"Rebecca Sheir feat. Laura Gardner, Hana Kenny, JaBen Early, Maizy Scarpa, Cheyenne Jackson & Patch DarraghBroadcast + Audio drama1
2920182018-04-17: Circle Round #29, "The Piper and the Pooka"Rebecca Sheir feat. Maizy Scarpa, Hana Kenny, Jacob Yeh, James Konicek, Jenny Bacon & Damian McGintyBroadcast + Audio drama1
3020182018-04-24: Circle Round #30, "The Lamb With the Golden Fleece"Rebecca Sheir feat. Laura Gardner, Maizy Scarpa, Jacob Yeh, Evan Casey & Kathleen ChalfantBroadcast + Audio drama1
3120182018-06-05: Circle Round #31, "A Taste of Honey"Rebecca Sheir feat. Hannah Simone, Naren Simone, Elle Borders, Evan Casey, Maurice Parent, Lynette Rathnam, Anne Undeland, Craig Wallace, Thom Whaley & Jacob YehBroadcast + Audio drama1
3220182018-06-12: Circle Round #32, "The Friendship Orchard"Rebecca Sheir feat. Linda Wertheimer, Susan Stamberg, Maurice Parent & Craig WallaceBroadcast + Audio drama1
3320182018-06-19: Circle Round #33, "The Perfect Partnership"Rebecca Sheir feat. Joshua Johnson & Sam SandersBroadcast + Audio drama1
3420182018-06-26: Circle Round #34, "The Skylark"Rebecca Sheir feat. Thom Whaley, Evan Casey, Mitchell Hebert & Miriam ShorBroadcast + Audio drama1
3520182018-07-10: Circle Round #35, "The Months of the Year"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kimberly Schraf, Delores King Williams, Caroline Rillette, Elle Borders, Anne Undeland, Joshua Rush & Ailsa ChangBroadcast + Audio drama1
3620182018-07-17: Circle Round #36, "The King and the Cobbler"Rebecca Sheir feat. MaConnia Chesser, Evan Casey, Keith David & James NaughtonBroadcast + Audio drama1
3720182018-07-24: Circle Round #37, "The Unwelcome Guest"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Evan Casey, Laura Gardner, Mitchell Hébert, Maurice Parent, Craig Wallace, Thom Whaley, Jacob Yeh & Richard KindBroadcast + Audio drama1
3820182018-07-31: Circle Round #38, "Cow Wells and Cow Bells"Rebecca Sheir feat. Billy Porter, Joshua Boone, Delores King Williams, Lynette Rathnam, Jacob Yeh & Richard EpsteinBroadcast + Audio drama1
3920182018-09-04: Circle Round #39, "When Fish Fly"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Anne Undeland, Thom Whaley, John Colaneri & Anthony CarrinoBroadcast + Audio drama1
4020182018-09-11: Circle Round #40, "100 Rooms"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Richard Epstein, Laura Gardner, Anne Undeland, Delores King Williams & Ed AsnerBroadcast + Audio drama1
4120182018-09-18: Circle Round #41, "Dollars and Scents"Rebecca Sheir feat. Laura Gardner, Delores King Williams, Max Casella & Derek KlenaBroadcast + Audio drama1
4220182018-09-25: Circle Round #42, "The Tug of War"Rebecca Sheir feat. Gamalia Pharms, Maurice Emanuel Parent & Quvenzhané WallisBroadcast + Audio drama1
4320182018-10-02: Circle Round #43, "Fiona and the Fairies"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jon Bell, MaConnia Chesser, Adam Mastroianni, Tracy Lynn Olivera & Selenis LeyvaBroadcast + Audio drama1
4420182018-10-09: Circle Round #44, "Armadillo's Song"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, Delores King Williams, James Konicek, Anne Undeland & Gad ElmalehBroadcast + Audio drama1
4520182018-10-23: Circle Round #45, "The Princess and the Egg"Rebecca Sheir feat. Luis Negron, Jeff Song & Amber Stevens WestBroadcast + Audio drama1
4620182018-11-06: Circle Round #46, "Turtle Island"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Steve Loughead, Bill Litshauer, Lee Lawson, Ry Chase, Rebecca Galarza & Suzie McGrathBroadcast + Audio drama1
4720182018-11-13: Circle Round #47, "The Unjust Justice"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, Jeff Song, Sophie Williams & Jackie TohnBroadcast + Audio drama1
4820182018-11-27: Circle Round #48, "Maya's Feathers"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, James Konicek, Mary Ann Nichols, Tracy Olivera, Sophie Williams & Vella LovellBroadcast + Audio drama1
4920182018-12-11: Circle Round #49, "Wit and Wordplay"Rebecca Sheir feat. Lisa Yuen, Dee Bradley Baker & Rachael MacFarlaneBroadcast + Audio drama1
5020182018-12-18: Circle Round #50, "The Dancing Goats"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jon Bell, Evan Casey, Karel Fisher, Adam Mastroianni, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Maurice Emmanuel Parent & Raúl EsparzaBroadcast + Audio drama1
5120192019-01-08: Circle Round #51, "The Golden Flask"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jon Bell, Evan Casey, MaConnia Chesser, Keith Mascoll, Adam Mastroianni, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Igor Shimelonis & Allison StrongBroadcast + Audio drama1
5220192019-01-15: Circle Round #52, "The Queen's Gift"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, Adam Mastroianni, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Delores King Williams & Jake BorelliBroadcast + Audio drama1
5320192019-01-22: Circle Round #53, "The Woman in the Moon"Rebecca Sheir feat. Frank Katasse, James Konicek, Erika Stone & Irene BedardBroadcast + Audio drama1
5420192019-01-29: Circle Round #54, "The Emperor's Challenge"Rebecca Sheir feat. Tracy Lynn Olivera, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Jeff Song, Delores King Williams, Christine Toy Johnson & Nikki SooHooBroadcast + Audio drama1
5520192019-02-12: Circle Round #55, "The Most Powerful of All"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Kimberly Schraf, Craig Wallace, Delores King Williams & Iain ArmitageBroadcast + Audio drama1
5620192019-02-19: Circle Round #56, "The Great Ball Game"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, James Konicek, Maizy Scarpa & William Jackson HarperBroadcast + Audio drama1
5720192019-02-26: Circle Round #57, "Three Clever Brothers"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, James Konicek, Adam Mastroianni, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Jeffrey Song & Alexandra BillingsBroadcast + Audio drama1
5820192019-03-05: Circle Round #58, "A Bird in the Hand"Rebecca Sheir feat. Danny Burstein & Rebecca LukerBroadcast + Audio drama1
5920192019-03-19: Circle Round #59, "All That Glitters"Rebecca Sheir feat. Lee Overtree, Peter McNerney & Meghan O'NeilBroadcast + Audio drama1
6020192019-04-09: Circle Round #60, "Sweet Corn and Clever Rabbit"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Maizy Scarpa & Eris BakerBroadcast + Audio drama1
6120192019-04-16: Circle Round #61, "The Star Fruit Tree"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, James Konicek, Lisa Yuen & Stephanie HsuBroadcast + Audio drama1
6220192019-04-23: Circle Round #62, "The Lute Player"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Keith Mascoll, Anne Undeland, Thom Whaley, Delores King Williams, Annie Parisse & Paul SparksBroadcast + Audio drama1
6320192019-04-30: Circle Round #63, "The Three-Legged Pot"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Adam Mastroianni, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Jeffrey Song & Aparna NancherlaBroadcast + Audio drama1
6420192019-05-21: Circle Round #64, "Lazy Jack and the Leprechaun"Rebecca Sheir feat. A. J. Buckley & Euan MortonBroadcast + Audio drama1
6520192019-05-28: Circle Round #65, "Grandfather Stone"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jon Bell, Jonathan Joss & Diane RehmBroadcast + Audio drama1
6620192019-07-09: Circle Round #66, "Kangaroo and Joey Too"Rebecca Sheir feat. Lauren Ambrose, Jane Kaczmarek, Thomas Sadoski & Campbell ScottBroadcast + Live + Audio drama1
6720192019-07-16: Circle Round #67, "Practice Makes Progress"Rebecca Sheir feat. Lauren Ambrose, Jane Kaczmarek, Thomas Sadoski & Campbell ScottBroadcast + Live + Audio drama1
6820192019-07-23: Circle Round #68, "The Magic Bowl"Rebecca Sheir feat. Lauren Ambrose, Jane Kaczmarek, Thomas Sadoski & Campbell ScottBroadcast + Live + Audio drama1
6920192019-09-10: Circle Round #69, "Curious Boots"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jon Bell, Elle Borders, Kevin Corbett, Emily DiPietro, Laura Gardner, Adam Mastroianni, Maizy Scarpa & Colin HanksBroadcast + Audio drama1
7020192019-09-17: Circle Round #70, "Rabbit's Wish"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, Delores King Williams, Gamalia Pharms & Ryan Michelle BathéBroadcast + Audio drama1
7120192019-09-24: Circle Round #71, "The Great Acorn Robbery"Rebecca Sheir feat. Emily DiPietro, James Konicek, Diedrich Bader & Katy MixonBroadcast + Audio drama1
7220192019-10-01: Circle Round #72, "One Speckled Hen"Rebecca Sheir feat. Noah Lewis Bailey, Elle Borders, Amy Brentano, Hana Kenny, Adam Mastroianni & André de ShieldsBroadcast + Audio drama1
7320192019-10-08: Circle Round #73, "The Rusty Cowbell"Rebecca Sheir feat. Noah Lewis Bailey, Amy Brentano, Richard Epstein, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Maizy Scarpa, Chris Tucci & Lake BellBroadcast + Audio drama1
7420192019-10-22: Circle Round #74, "The King's Face"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jon Bell, Laura Gardner, Thom Whaley, Lisa Yuen, Derrick Baskin & Brandon UranowitzBroadcast + Audio drama1
7520192019-10-29: Circle Round #75, "The Chattering Clams"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Gamalia Pharms, Maizy Scarpa, Chris Tucci & Guy RazBroadcast + Audio drama1
7620192019-11-05: Circle Round #76, "The Fire on the Other Side of the World"Rebecca Sheir feat. Amy Brentano, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Chris Tucci & Yeardley SmithBroadcast + Audio drama1
7720192019-11-12: Circle Round #77, "Sir Luck and Mister Riches"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jon Bell, Emily DiPietro, Hana Kenny, Delores King Williams, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, David Wain & Michael Ian BlackBroadcast + Audio drama1
7820192019-11-19: Circle Round #78, "The Enchanted Paintbrush"Rebecca Sheir feat. Amy Brentano, Laura Gardner, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Stacy Keach & Phillipa SooBroadcast + Audio drama1
7920192019-12-03: Circle Round #79, "The Banker's Riddles"Rebecca Sheir feat. Evan Casey, Kevin Corbett, Hana Kenny, Thom Whaley & Jeannie MaiBroadcast + Audio drama1
8020192019-12-10: Circle Round #80, "Nilsa and the Troll"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Maizy Scarpa, Chris Tucci, Anne Undeland & Raegan RevordBroadcast + Audio drama1
8120192019-12-17: Circle Round #81, "The Gloomy Pine Tree"Rebecca Sheir feat. Mae Hedges, Maizy Scarpa, Eric Shimelonis, Igor Shimelonis, Alexia Trainor, Chris Tucci & Mykal-Michelle HarrisBroadcast + Audio drama1
8220202020-01-07: Circle Round #82, "The Nine Sticks"Rebecca Sheir feat. Nikesh Patel & Maulik PancholyBroadcast + Audio drama1
8320202020-01-14: Circle Round #83, "The Dozen Loaves of Bread"Rebecca Sheir feat. Noah Lewis Bailey, Richard Epstein, Adam Mastroianni, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Gamalia Pharms, Maizy Scarpa & Avery TrufelmanBroadcast + Audio drama1
8420202020-01-21: Circle Round #84, "The Very Busy Fairies"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Amy Brentano, Chris Tucci & Parker BatesBroadcast + Audio drama1
8520202020-01-28: Circle Round #85, "The Beggar and the Baker's Daughter"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Amy Brentano & Margaret ChoBroadcast + Audio drama1
8620202020-02-04: Circle Round #86, "The True Mother"Rebecca Sheir feat. Hana Kenny, Lia Yuen & Alex LandiBroadcast + Audio drama1
8720202020-02-11: Circle Round #87, "The Rooster in the Sky"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Nick Sholley & Rachel MatthewsBroadcast + Audio drama1
8820202020-02-25: Circle Round #88, "The Mountain Spring"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kevin Corbett, Greg Naughton & Kelli O’HaraBroadcast + Audio drama1
8920202020-03-03: Circle Round #89, "Granny's Leather Bag"Rebecca Sheir feat. Mae Hedges, James Konicek, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Alexia Trainor, Chris Tucci, Anne Undeland & Orla BradyBroadcast + Audio drama1
9020202020-03-10: Circle Round #90, "Song of the Horse"Rebecca Sheir feat. Doug Lockwood, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Kimberly Schraf, David Archuleta & Sherry ColaBroadcast + Audio drama1
9120202020-03-17: Circle Round #91, "The Elephant's Tub"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Amy Brentano, Chris Tucci, Analeigh Tipton & Stephen TobolowskyBroadcast + Audio drama1
9220202020-03-31: Circle Round #92, "The Search for Rain"Rebecca Sheir feat. Doug Lockwood, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Gamalia Pharms, Delores King Williams & Amory SivertsonBroadcast + Audio drama1
9320202020-04-07: Circle Round #93, "The Birds and the Trees"Rebecca Sheir feat. James Konicek, Adam Mastroianni, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Gamalia Pharms & Krys MarshallBroadcast + Audio drama1
9420202020-04-14: Circle Round #94, "The Fallen Sparrow"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kimberly Schraf, Molly Bloom & Jane LindholmBroadcast + Audio drama1
9520202020-04-21: Circle Round #95, "The Treasured Axe"Rebecca Sheir feat. Adam Mastroianni, Gamalia Pharms, Igor Shimelonis, Delores King Williams & Adrian MartinezBroadcast + Audio drama1
9620202020-04-28: Circle Round #96, "The Sultan's Figs"Rebecca Sheir feat. Mike DelGaudio, Shazad Latif & Anthony RappBroadcast + Audio drama1
9720202020-05-05: Circle Round #97, "Chief Know-It-All"Rebecca Sheir feat. Doug Lockwood, Adam Mastroianni, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Gamalia Pharms, Kimberly Schraf, Chris Tucci & Chris SullivanBroadcast + Audio drama1
9820202020-05-12: Circle Round #98, "Sweet and Sour"Rebecca Sheir feat. Doug Lockwood, Gamalia Pharms, Marshall Escamilla & Avi NashBroadcast + Audio drama1
9920202020-05-19: Circle Round #99, "Leopard's Rhythm"Rebecca Sheir feat. Mike DelGaudio, Delores King Williams, James Konicek, Eric Shimelonis & Tonya MosleyBroadcast + Audio drama1
10020202020-05-26: Circle Round #100, "The Noblest Tale"Rebecca Sheir feat. Mike DelGaudio, Kimberly Schraf, Chris Tucci, Laura K. Welsh, Delores King Williams & Lisa LoebBroadcast + Audio drama1


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