Inner Circle (by Neal Morse)

~ Release group series

Release Groups

2007One DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
12005Inner Circle CD #1Neal MorseAlbum + Compilation1
2019Voices of the Beard: Storytellers 2Neal Morse and FriendsAlbum + Live1
32005Live in BerlinNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
42005Hitman: A MusicalNeal MorseAlbum + Soundtrack1
52006Whispers in the Wind: Acoustic Improvisations on Piano and GuitarNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
62006Neal Morse in the 80’sNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
72006The Europe Winter 2006 Church TourNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
82006HodgepodgeNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
112006Let’s PolkaNeal MorseAlbum1
122007With a Little Help From My FriendsNeal MorseAlbum + Compilation1
132007HomelandNeal MorseAlbum + Soundtrack1
152007Encores and New SongsNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
172007Acoustic SunriseNeal MorseAlbum1
182008From the Inner CircleNeal MorseAlbum + Compilation1
192008Demos and Live StuffNeal MorseAlbum + Live + Demo1
212008Live ScripturaNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
232008Starless and Other StuffNeal MorseEP + Compilation1
252009Excerpts From Jesus Christ – The ExorcistNeal MorseAlbum + Demo2
282009From the Cutting Room FloorNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
302010Live at All SaintsNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
412011A Proggy ChristmasNeal MorseAlbum1
422012The Whirlwind DemoNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
442012Not for Flying ColorsNeal MorseAlbum + Demo21
482013Acoustic/Live in Mexico CityNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
4920135 Loaves & 3 FishesNeal MorseAlbum + Compilation1
502013Momentum L.A. LiveNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
522013In the 90’sNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
532013Christmas 2013Neal MorseAlbum + Demo1
542014The Early Snow DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
562014The Momentum DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
582014The Kaleidoscope Demos, Part 1Neal MorseAlbum + Demo1
592014The Kaleidoscope Demos, Part 2Neal MorseAlbum + Demo1
612015More Songs From NovemberNeal MorseAlbum1
632015Inner Circle Concert: Morsefest 2014Neal MorseAlbum + Live1
672016The Grand Experiment DemosThe Neal Morse BandAlbum + Demo1
752017Neal Morse and Friends 2015 Morsefest Acoustic ConcertNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
762017Testimony 2 DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
772017Inner Circle 2016 JamSpock’s BeardAlbum + Live1
782018Live and Acoustic at Morsefest 2017Neal MorseAlbum + Live1
802018Morsefest 2016 Storytellers – Part 2Neal MorseAlbum + Live1
812018Life & Times Tour: Live in NYC and a Few Other PlacesNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
822018Jesus Christ the Exorcist DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
892019More Songs About Coffee & My WifeNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
912020Morsefest 2019 Inner Circle Concert: A Year in Neal’s LifeNeal MorseAlbum + Live1
922020Covers & EncoresNeal MorseAlbum1
942020Live at Sweden Rock 2014 / Live at Wetlands Preserve – NYC 2000TransatlanticAlbum + Live1
972021The Absolute Universe DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
1002021Solo Gratia – The DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
1032022Troika Solo DemosNeal MorseAlbum + Demo1
1042022Live in CancunMorse, Portnoy, Gillette, Hubauer & FriendsAlbum + Live1
1062022Keys & Strings: Piano & Guitar ImprovisationsNeal MorseAlbum1
1072023In the Year 2000 – The V Tour CompilationSpock’s BeardAlbum + Live1
1082023A Morning With Neal MorseNeal MorseBroadcast + Spokenword1
1092023God’s Smuggler Demos 2021Neal MorseAlbum + Demo1
1102023Montreal 2015The Neal Morse BandAlbum + Live1


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