Peter Gabriel – Growing Up Tour – Summer 2003 (Growing Up tour of USA and Canada)

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The Peter Gabriel Encore Series – a collection of authorised two-CD sets consisting of complete, unedited live recordings from Peter Gabriel’s Growing Up Summer 2003 U.S. tour.

The Encore Series consist of a 2 CD gatefold package with exclusive artwork by Real World. They are unique for each concert, and city.

Recorded directly from the soundboard by Ben Findlay, professionally mastered and manufactured.

This was the first time that Encore-CDs of Gabriel-Shows were offered.
The shows were held without the characteristic centerstage, therefore it was called the "Stripped Down Tour".

Peter Gabriel: lead vocals, keyboards
Ged Lynch: drums
Tony Levin: bass, vocals
David Rhodes: guitar, vocals
Richard Evans: guitar, mandolin, whistle, vocals
Rachel Z: keyboards, vocals
Melanie Gabriel: vocals

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Release Groups

06112003Summer 2003: 06.11.03 Dallas, TXPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
06072003Summer 2003: 06.07.03 Mountain View, CAPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
06142003Summer 2003: 06.14.03 West Palm Beach, FLPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
06162003Summer 2003: 06.16.03 Atlanta, GAPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
06212003Summer 2003: 06.21.03 Camden, NJPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
06292003Summer 2003: 06.29.03 Clarkston, MIPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
07012003Summer 2003: 07.01.03 Columbus, OHPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
07042003Summer 2003: 07.04.03 Toronto, ONPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
07052003Summer 2003: 07.05.03 London, ONPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1
07062003Summer 2003: 07.06.03 Montréal, QCPeter GabrielAlbum + Live1


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