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Originally sold at Kruidvat stores in ~2000, it is possible that these volumes were reprinted in later years to be sold across Europe, but it's not very likely that these reprints would be physically different in any respect.

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Release groups

12000Bach Edition, Volume 1: Orchestral Works & Concertos/Orchesterwerke & KonzerteJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
1999Bach Edition: IntroductionJohann Sebastian BachAlbum + Compilation1
22000Bach Edition, Volume 2: Vocal Works/Vokalwerke, Volume IJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
32000Bach Edition, Volume 3: Keyboard Works/Klavierwerke, Volume IJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
42000Bach Edition, Volume 4: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume IJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
52000Bach Edition, Volume 5: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume IIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
62000Bach Edition, Volume 6: Organ Works/Orgelwerke, Volume IJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
72000Bach Edition, Volume 7: Secular Cantatas/Weltliche KantatenJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
82000Bach Edition, Volume 8: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume IIIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
92000Bach Edition, Volume 9: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume IVJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
102000Bach Edition, Volume 10: Passions/PassionenJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
112000Bach Edition, Volume 11: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume VJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
122000Bach Edition, Volume 12: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume VIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
132000Bach Edition, Volume 13: Keyboard Works/Klavierwerke, Volume IIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
142000Bach Edition, Volume 14: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume VIIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
152000Bach Edition, Volume 15: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume VIIIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
162000Bach Edition, Volume 16: Chamber Music/KammermusikJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
172000Bach Edition, Volume 17: Vocal Works / Vokalwerke Vol.IIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
182000Bach Edition, Volume 18: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume IXJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
192000Bach Edition, Volume 19: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume XJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
202000Bach Edition, Volume 20: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume XIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
212000Bach Edition, Volume 21: Cantatas/Kantaten, Volume XIIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
222000Bach Edition, Volume 22: Organ Works/Orgelwerke, Volume IIJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1
232000Bach Edition, Volume 23: Chorale / ChoralesJohann Sebastian BachAlbum1


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