Original Album Series (Rhino / Warner 5 first albums compilations)

~ Release group series

Release Groups

2009Original Album SeriesDuke EllingtonAlbum + Compilation2
2009Original Album SeriesThe MonkeesAlbum + Compilation2
2009Original Album Series (Natalie Cole)Natalie ColeAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album Series (Foghat)FoghatAlbum + Compilation52
2009Original Album Series (Aztec Camera)Aztec CameraAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album Series (Crocodiles / Heaven Up Here / Porcupine / Ocean Rain / Echo & The Bunnymen)Echo & the BunnymenAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesJudy CollinsAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album Series (Bobby Darin)Bobby DarinAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album Series (Kix)KixAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesThe J. Geils BandAlbum + Compilation51
2009Original Album SeriesPretendersAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesLinda RonstadtAlbum + Compilation2
2009Original Album SeriesHarry ChapinAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesChris ReaAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesThe Jesus and Mary ChainAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album Series (Bootsy's Rubber Band)Bootsy’s Rubber BandAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesDokkenAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesDonny HathawayAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album SeriesLittle FeatAlbum + Compilation52
2010Original Album SeriesEmmylou HarrisAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesCaterina CaselliAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album Series (Foreigner / Double Vision / Head Games / 4 / Agent Provocateur)ForeignerAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesAretha FranklinAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album Series (Otis Redding)Otis ReddingAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesThe PoguesAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesWarren ZevonAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album Series (Dr. John)Dr. JohnAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesRod StewartAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesChaka KhanAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesRay CharlesAlbum + Compilation2
2010Original Album SeriesDionne WarwickAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesTodd RundgrenAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesThe Paul Butterfield Blues BandAlbum + Compilation51
2010Original Album Series (George Benson)George BensonAlbum + Compilation41
2010Original Album SeriesThe Sisters of MercyAlbum + Compilation2
2010Original Album Series (The Cars)The CarsAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesBreadAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesChicagoAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album Series (Wilson Pickett)Wilson PickettAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesCharles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm BandAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesTom PaxtonAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album SeriesDavid SanbornAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album Series (Ben E. King)Ben E. KingAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesJohn ColtraneAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesChicAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesPanteraAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Series (Violent Femmes)Violent FemmesAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesUdo LindenbergAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesSimply RedAlbum + Compilation51
2011Original Album SeriesThe CorrsAlbum + Compilation21
2011Original Album SeriesEverything but the GirlAlbum + Compilation32
2011Original Album SeriesOrnette ColemanAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Seriesa‐haAlbum + Compilation42
2011Original Album SeriesLes Humphries SingersAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesHildegard KnefAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesFaith No MoreAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesOrbitalAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Series (Charles Mingus)Charles MingusAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesRandy NewmanAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesSister SledgeAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Series (Tim Buckley)Tim BuckleyAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Series (Montrose)MontroseAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Series (The Young Rascals)The Young RascalsAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesPassportAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesBonnie RaittAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album SeriesDream TheaterAlbum + Compilation51
2012Original Album SeriesArchiveAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesThe ReplacementsAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesBilly CobhamAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesPrinceAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesThe Incredible String BandAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album Series Vol. 2Udo LindenbergAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesAlanis MorissetteAlbum + Compilation2
2012Original Album SeriesElvis CostelloAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album Series (America / Homecoming / Hat Trick / Holiday / Hearts)AmericaAlbum + Compilation2.52
2012Original Album SeriesZZ TopAlbum + Compilation52
2012Original Album Series (De La Soul)De La SoulAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesThe B‐52’sAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesStone Temple PilotsAlbum + Compilation51
2012Original Album SeriesFleetwood MacAlbum + Compilation51
2012Original Album SeriesMiles DavisAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesRoberta FlackAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesAlice CooperAlbum + Compilation1
2012Original Album SeriesMichael FranksAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album SeriesSpiderbaitAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series, Volume 2 (Emmylou Harris, Volume 2)Emmylou HarrisAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series, Volume 2Otis ReddingAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series (New York / Songs for Drella / Magic and Loss / Set the Twilight Reeling / Ecstasy)Lou ReedAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album SeriesYesAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series (Tower of Power)Tower of PowerAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series (Black Oak Arkansas)Black Oak ArkansasAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album SeriesR.E.M.Album + Compilation1
2013Original Album SeriesBlackfootAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album SeriesThe Doobie BrothersAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album SeriesThe Electric PrunesAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series, Volume 2ChicagoAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series (King's X)King’s XAlbum + Compilation51
2013Original Album Series (Curtis Mayfield)Curtis MayfieldAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album SeriesTestamentAlbum + Compilation1
2013Original Album Series, Volume 2The Doobie BrothersAlbum + Compilation1


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