Köchelverzeichnis (original numbering)

~ Catalogue


Note that this series does not correspond with any specific Köchel catalogue.

While most of the numbers are from the first edition, there are many works which were not in the first edition, and so their original number was assigned in a later edition.

In particular, any number which includes a letter at the end (e.g. K. 315a) is likely to be from a later edition.

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#WorkWritersArtistsISWCTypeLyrics LanguagesAttributesRating
1Minuet for Keyboard in G major, K. 1e / 1 (Minuet) "Notenbuch für Nannerl Mozart" no. 62: Minuet / Minuet for Keyboard in C major, K. 1f / 1 (Trio) "Notenbuch für Nannerl Mozart" no. 63: Minuet
    • [No lyrics]
      2Minuet for Keyboard in F major (K. 2)
        • [No lyrics]
        • F major (Key)
        3Allegro for Keyboard in B-flat major (K. 3)
          • [No lyrics]
          • B-flat major (Key)
          4Menuett in F major (K. 4)