Original Album Classics (Sony Music anthology series)

~ Release group series


almost all releases under this series would be released under the original labels the release artists were signed to, together with Legacy.

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Release groups

2002The Grace EPsJeff BuckleyAlbum + Compilation4
2007Original Album ClassicsThelonious MonkAlbum + Compilation1
2007Original Album ClassicsJohn McLaughlinAlbum + Compilation1
2007Original Album ClassicsMahavishnu OrchestraAlbum + Compilation2
2007Original Album ClassicsDuke EllingtonAlbum + Compilation1
2007Original Album Classics ('Round About Midnight / Milestones / '58 Sessions / Porgy & Bess / Miles Ahead) (incomplete)Miles DavisAlbum + Compilation2
2007Original Album ClassicsWeather ReportAlbum + Compilation2
2008Original Album ClassicsCyndi LauperAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsLouise HoffstenAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album Classics (Volume 1)Earth, Wind & FireAlbum + Compilation2
2008Original Album ClassicsPocoAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsCheap TrickAlbum + Compilation51
2008Original Album ClassicsStanley ClarkeAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsThe Isley BrothersAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsSteve VaiAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsSophie ZelmaniAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsDaryl Hall & John OatesAlbum + Compilation2
2008Original Album Classics (5 CD)Patti SmithAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsWaylon JenningsAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album Classics (Lou Reed / Transformer / Berlin / Sally Can’t Dance / Coney Island Baby)Lou ReedAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsJohnny CashAlbum + Compilation52
2008Original Album ClassicsJefferson AirplaneAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album Classics (Volume 1)Joe SatrianiAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsRory GallagherAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsElvis PresleyAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsTed NugentAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album Classics (5 CD Box Set)Dolly PartonAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsRun‐D.M.C.Album + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsJudas PriestAlbum + Compilation41
2008Original Album ClassicsSantanaAlbum + Compilation42
2008Original Album ClassicsThe Psychedelic FursAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album ClassicsCypress HillAlbum + Compilation2
2008Original Album ClassicsCarole KingAlbum + Compilation1
2008Original Album Classics (Rough and Ready / Jeff Beck Group / Blow by Blow / Wired / Jeff Beck with Jan Hammer Group Live)Jeff BeckAlbum + Compilation2
2009Original Album ClassicsWillie NelsonAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album ClassicsThe StranglersAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album ClassicsKris KristoffersonAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album ClassicsAlice CooperAlbum + Compilation2
2009Original Album ClassicsManiganceAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album ClassicsThe Allman Brothers BandAlbum + Compilation + Live1
2009Original Album ClassicsBlood, Sweat & TearsAlbum + Compilation2
2009Original Album ClassicsThe JacksonsAlbum + Compilation52
2009Original Album ClassicsThe Brecker BrothersAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album ClassicsKansasAlbum + Compilation41
2009Original Album Classics ('Nuff Said! / To Love Somebody / Black Gold / It Is Finished / Nina Simone and Piano!)Nina SimoneAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album ClassicsSmokieAlbum + Compilation1
2009Original Album Classics (The Blue Mask / Legendary Hearts / Live in Italy / New Sensations / Mistrial)Lou ReedAlbum + Compilation1
20103 Original Album Classics (In Trance / Taken by Force / Virgin Killer)ScorpionsAlbum + Compilation41
20103 Original Album ClassicsSimon & GarfunkelAlbum + Compilation2
20103 Original Album ClassicsHerman Brood & His Wild RomanceAlbum + Compilation1
20103 Original Album ClassicsColin BlunstoneAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsFiona AppleAlbum + Compilation2
2010Original Album ClassicsBoz ScaggsAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsMarcus MillerAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album Classics (3 CD)Patti SmithAlbum + Compilation1
20103 Original Album ClassicsSantanaAlbum + Compilation2
2010Original Album ClassicsFleetwood MacAlbum + Compilation51
20103 Original Album ClassicsDogsAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsNenaAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsSonny RollinsAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album Classics (Nefertiti / Sorcerer / Filles de Kilimanjaro)Miles DavisAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsThe Alan Parsons ProjectAlbum + Compilation2
2010Original Album ClassicsSoft MachineAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsAl Di MeolaAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsJames TaylorAlbum + Compilation12
2010Original Album Classics (Volume 1)Electric Light OrchestraAlbum + Compilation52
2010Original Album Classics (The Man With the Horn / Star People / Decoy / You’re Under Arrest / Aura)Miles DavisAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsMolly HatchetAlbum + Compilation51
2010Original Album ClassicsDave BrubeckAlbum + Compilation1
2010Original Album ClassicsThe Dave Brubeck QuartetAlbum + Compilation2
2011Original Album ClassicsCéline DionAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsShuggie OtisAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsDeep PurpleAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsBobby WomackAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsSocial DistortionAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Classics (Volume 2)Earth, Wind & FireAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsDuke EllingtonAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsElvis PresleyAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsIggy PopAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsCheap TrickAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsSpiritAlbum + Compilation2
2011Original Album Classics (There and Back / Flash / Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop / Who Else! / You Had It Coming)Jeff BeckAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Classics (Sings the Blues / Emergency Ward! / Baltimore)Nina SimoneAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsTower of PowerAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album Classics (Box Set)MountainAlbum + Compilation2
2011Original Album ClassicsGil Scott‐HeronAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsJefferson AirplaneAlbum + Compilation
2011Original Album ClassicsFaithlessAlbum + Compilation2
2011Original Album ClassicsJapanAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsJefferson AirplaneAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsEmerson, Lake & PalmerAlbum + Compilation + Live1
2011Original Album ClassicsTaj MahalAlbum + Compilation51
2011Original Album ClassicsAlan JacksonAlbum + Compilation2
2011Original Album ClassicsSuicidal TendenciesAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsWillie NelsonAlbum + Compilation2
2011Original Album ClassicsSoul AsylumAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsAnathemaAlbum + Compilation52
2011Original Album ClassicsManic Street PreachersAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsAlice in ChainsAlbum + Compilation1
2011Original Album ClassicsVangelisAlbum + Compilation1


publishing label:Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)
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