To celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2009, the pillows created the LATE BLOOMER SERIES of releases and concerts that were dotted throughout the year.

This MusicBrainz series captures the releases in the series. The full series, including concerts, is:

01. PIED PIPER GO TO YESTERDAY DVD release of previous concerts
02. BLUE SONG WITH BLUE POPPIES unplugged concert tour and subsequent DVD release
03. Rock stock & too smoking the pillows compilation CD release
04. SYNCHRONIZED TOUR concert tour throughout Japan
05. 雨上がりに見た幻 CD single release
06. LOSTMAN GO TO BUDOKAN concert at Nippon Budokan and subsequent DVD release

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Release Groups

012009PIED PIPER GO TO YESTERDAYthe pillowsOther + Live1
032009Rock stock & too smoking the pillowsthe pillowsAlbum + Compilation52
052009雨上がりに見た幻the pillowsSingle3


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