Audio Master Plus Series

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Joan ArmatradingJoan ArmatradingCD10A&M Records393 228-2, CD 3228082839322829
Joan ArmatradingJoan ArmatradingCD10A&M Records393 228-2082839322829
Zenyattà MondattaThe PoliceCD11A&M Records393 720-2082839372022
SynchronicityThe PoliceCD11A&M Records393 735-2082839373524
Greatest HitsWes MontgomeryCD10A&M Records394 247-2082839424721
Show Some Emotion (AM+)Joan ArmatradingCD10A&M Records394 663-2082839466325
Outlandos d'Amour (AM+)The PoliceCD10A&M Records394 753-2082839475327
Reggatta de Blanc (AM+)The PoliceCD11A&M Records394 792-2082839479226
Walk Under LaddersJoan ArmatradingCD10A&M Records394 876-2[none]
Night and Day (AM+)Joe JacksonCD9A&M Records394 906-2082839490627
Suzanne VegaSuzanne VegaCD10A&M Records395 072-2, CD 5072082839507226
Bryan AdamsBryan AdamsCD9A&M RecordsCD 3100075021310025
PassageCarpentersCD8A&M Records, CD 3109, DX 787075021319929
River Deep—Mountain HighIke & Tina TurnerCD12A&M RecordsCD 3179075021317925
Teaser and the Firecat (made in Japan)Cat StevensCD10A&M RecordsCD 4313[none]
Catch Bull at FourCat StevensCD10A&M RecordsCD 4365075021436527
BlueDoubleCD8A&M Records, CD 5133, DX 640075021513327
…All the RageGeneral PublicCD10I.R.S. Records, CD 75046, DIDX 137044797504624
The Grand Illusion (vertical barcode)StyxCD8A&M RecordsCD-3223075021322325
Tea for the TillermanCat StevensCD11A&M RecordsCD-4280[none]
Outlandos d’AmourThe PoliceCD10A&M RecordsCD-4753075021475328
Reggatta de BlancThe PoliceCD11A&M Records394 792-2082839479226
Cuts Like a KnifeBryan AdamsCD10A&M RecordsCD-3288, DIDX587075021328822
SynchronicityThe PoliceCD11A&M Records393 735-2082839373524
What Is Beat? (printed in Japan)The English BeatCD12I.R.S. RecordsCD70040[none]
What Is Beat? (printed in U.S.A.)The BeatCD12I.R.S. RecordsCD70040[none]
Man on the LineChris de BurghCD10A&M Records359 002-2082839500227
Outlandos d'AmourThe PoliceCD10A&M Records394 753-2082839475327
Man on the LineChris de BurghCD10A&M RecordsCD 5002075021500228
Outlandos d’Amour (AM+)The PoliceCD10A&M RecordsCD-3311075021331129
Body and Soul (made in West Germany)Joe JacksonCD9A&M RecordsCD-5000075021500020
BullishHerb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassCD8A&M RecordsCD-5022
ReckoningR.E.M.CD10A&M RecordsCDMID1940082839719629
The Dream of the Blue TurtlesStingCD10A&M Records393 750-2082839375023
What IfTommy ShawCD10A&M Records395 097-2082839509725
CrushOrchestral Manœuvres in the DarkCD10A&M Records, CD 5077, DX 725075021507722
The RhythmatistStewart CopelandCD10A&M RecordsCD 5084075021508422
The BestQuincy JonesCD10A&M RecordsCD-3200075021320024
Breakfast in AmericaSupertrampCD10A&M RecordsCD-3708075021370821
Night and DayJoe JacksonCD9A&M Records394 906-2082839490627
Suzanne VegaSuzanne VegaCD10A&M Records395 072-2, CD 5072
Falco 3FalcoCD10A&M RecordsCD 5105075021510524
Suzanne VegaSuzanne VegaCD10A&M Records395 072-2, CD 5072082839507226
Big WorldJoe JacksonCD15A&M Records396 021-2082839602129
Reggatta de Blanc (made in West Germany)The PoliceCD11A&M RecordsCD-4792[none]
ControlJanet JacksonCD9A&M Records395 106-2082839510622
Rat in the KitchenUB40CD9A&M RecordsCD 5137, CD 5137/DX 711075021513723
Teaser and the FirecatCat StevensCD10A&M RecordsCD 4313075021431522
Light the LightSeawindCD8A&M Records, Horizon (1970s/1980s label, subsidiary of A&M)D32Y38384988012256935
Bi‐CoastalPeter AllenCD10A&M RecordsD32Y35424988012267733
The Gist of the GeminiGino VannelliCD12A&M RecordsD32Y35634988012269836
Brother to BrotherGino VannelliCD9A&M RecordsD32Y35744988012270931
Me Myself IJoan ArmatradingCD10A&M Records394 809-2
SupertrampSupertrampCD10A&M RecordsCD 3149075021314924
In the Eye of the StormRoger HodgsonCD7A&M Records395 004-2082839500425
The Grand Illusion (horizontal barcode)StyxCD8A&M Records7502132232, CD‐3223075021322325
The Six Wives of Henry VIIIRick WakemanCD6A&M RecordsCD 3229075021322929
Crime of the Century (AM+)SupertrampCD8A&M RecordsCD-3647[none]
Look Sharp!Joe JacksonCD11A&M Records393 187-2082839318723
Zenyattà MondattaThe PoliceCD11A&M Records393 720-2082839372022
Zenyattà MondattaThe PoliceCD11A&M Records393 720-2082839372022
Mekanïk Destruktïẁ KommandöhMagmaCD7A&M RecordsPCCY-101814988013237933
Body and Soul (AM+)Joe JacksonCD9A&M Records395 000-2082839500029
MurmurR.E.M.CD12A&M Records, I.R.S. Records397 014-2, CDMID 1290082839701426
Crime of the Century (AM+)SupertrampCD8A&M RecordsCD-3647075021364721
Diamonds & RustJoan BaezCD11A&M Records393 233-2082839323321


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