Audiotree Live Sessions

~ Release group series

Release Groups

Audiotree LiveLa DisputeBroadcast + Live1
2013Such Gold on Audiotree LiveSuch GoldEP + Live1
2013The Lonely Wild on Audiotree LiveThe Lonely WildEP + Live1
2013Audiotree LiveShakey GravesEP + Live3
2013Audiotree LiveTTNGEP + Live1
2013Audiotree LiveAnthony Green1
2014Audiotree LiveCHONAlbum + Live1
2015Audiotree LiveTides of ManEP + Live1
2015Audiotree LiveArtifex PereoEP + Live1
2015Audiotree LiveDefeaterEP + Live1
2015Audiotree LiveDoomtreeEP + Live1
2015Audiotree LiveEmily KingEP1
2016Audiotree LiveLow Cut ConnieEP + Live1
2016Lucy Dacus on Audiotree LiveLucy DacusEP + Live1
2016Audiotree LivePinegroveEP + Live1
2016Audiotree LiveFear of MenEP + Live1
2016Audiotree LiveHelms AleeEP + Live1
2016Audiotree LiveLiz Cooper & The StampedeAlbum + Live1
2017Audiotree LiveThe Kraken QuartetEP + Live1
2017Audiotree LiveHot Flash Heat WaveEP + Live1
2017Snail Mail on Audiotree LiveSnail MailEP + Live2
2017Audiotree LiveCamp CopeEP + Live1
2017Audiotree LiveDasherEP + Live1
2017Audiotree LiveStef ChuraAlbum + Live1
2017Audiotree LiveTera MelosEP1
2017Audiotree LiveChris FarrenEP + Live1
2017Audiotree Live*repeat repeatEP + Live1
2018tricot on Audiotree LivetricotAlbum + Live1
2018Shannon Lay on Audiotree LiveShannon LayEP + Live1
2019Pool Kids on Audiotree LivePool KidsEP + Live1
2019Laura Stevenson on Audiotree LiveLaura StevensonAlbum + Live1
2019Nots on Audiotree LiveNotsEP + Live1
2019Soft Kill on Audiotree LiveSoft KillEP + Live1
2019Ocean Alley on Audiotree LiveOcean AlleyEP + Live1
2019Pro Teens on Audiotree LivePro TeensEP + Live1
2019Sawce on Audiotree LiveSAWCEEP + Live1
2019Justus Proffit on Audiotree LiveJustus ProffitEP + Live1
2019The High Divers on Audiotree LiveThe High DiversEP + Live1
2019Wilder Maker on Audiotree LiveWilder MakerEP + Live1
2019Claire Cronin on Audiotree LiveClaire CroninEP + Live1
2019Covey on Audiotree LiveCoveyEP + Live1
2019Poppies on Audiotree LivePoppiesEP + Live1
2019Knox Hamilton on Audiotree LiveKnox HamiltonEP + Live1
2019Twen on Audiotree LiveTwenEP + Live1
2019Sidney Gish on Audiotree LiveSidney GishEP + Live1


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