Halo (Nine Inch Nails catalog)

~ Release group series

Release Groups

11989Down in ItNine Inch NailsSingle2.55
21989Pretty Hate MachineNine Inch NailsAlbum2.628
31990Head Like a HoleNine Inch NailsSingle4.58
41990SinNine Inch NailsSingle2.656
51992BrokenNine Inch NailsEP2.518
61992FixedNine Inch NailsEP + Remix1.410
71994March of the PigsNine Inch NailsSingle3.859
81994The Downward SpiralNine Inch NailsAlbum3.2536
91994CloserNine Inch NailsSingle412
101995Further Down the SpiralNine Inch NailsAlbum + Remix1.8513
111996The Perfect DrugNine Inch NailsSingle39
121997ClosureNine Inch NailsAlbum + Compilation + Live43
131999The Day the World Went AwayNine Inch NailsSingle55
141999The FragileNine Inch NailsAlbum2.918
151999We’re in This TogetherNine Inch NailsSingle38
162000Things Falling ApartNine Inch NailsAlbum + Remix1.810
172002And All That Could Have BeenNine Inch NailsAlbum + Live2.0515
182005The Hand That FeedsNine Inch NailsSingle314
192005With TeethNine Inch NailsAlbum2.716
202005OnlyNine Inch NailsSingle6
212006Every Day Is Exactly the SameNine Inch NailsSingle3.658
222007Live: Beside You in TimeNine Inch NailsAlbum + Live44
232007SurvivalismNine Inch NailsSingle7
242007Year ZeroNine Inch NailsAlbum2.6512
252007Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3DИ1И31ИCHИ41L5Album + Remix1.48
262008Ghosts I–IVNine Inch NailsAlbum2.411
272008The SlipNine Inch NailsAlbum2.457
282013Hesitation MarksNine Inch NailsAlbum2.2514
292016Not the Actual EventsNine Inch NailsEP1.84
312017Add ViolenceNine Inch NailsEP1.855
322018Bad WitchNine Inch NailsAlbum2.25
332020Ghosts V: TogetherNine Inch NailsAlbum3.651
342020Ghosts VI: LocustsNine Inch NailsAlbum3.851


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