The Power of Love (Time-Life Music)

~ Release group series

Release Groups

11996The Power of Love: HeartbeatVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
22001The Power of Love: BreathlessVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation2
31996The Power of Love: 1988–1989Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
41997The Power of Love: 1986–1987Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
51997The Power of Love: 1990–1992Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
61997The Power of Love: 1984–1985Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
71997The Power of Love: 1981–1983Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
81997The Power of Love: 1978–1980Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
91997The Power Of Love Soft Rock Classics - 1975-1977Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
101998The Power of Love: 1984–1986Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
111998The Power of Love: 1980–1983Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
121998The Power of Love Soft Rock Classics - 1971-1979Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
131998The Power of Love: 1987–1989Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
141998The Power of Love: 1982–1985Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
151998The Power of Love: 1990–1994Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
161999The Power of Love Soft Rock Classics: 1970–1976Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
171999The Power of Love: 1986–1988Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
181999The Power of Love: 1977–1981Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
191999The Power of Love: 1989–1993Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
201999The Power of Love: Heart & SoulVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
211997The Power of Love: 18 Soft Rock ClassicsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
221997The Power of Love: Soul to SoulVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
231999The Power of Love: All WomanVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
242000The Power of Love: In a Mellow MoodVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
25The Power of Love: Something’s Gotten Hold of My HeartVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
26The Power of Love: Rock RomanceVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation0
27The Power of Love: Rock DreamsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
28The Power of Love: Heart to HeartVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
29The Power of Love: DreamsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
30The Power of Love: MemoriesVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
31The Power of Love: Christmas LoveVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
32The Power of Love: Hearts on FireVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
33The Power of Love: TendernessVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
34The Power of Love: Stolen MomentsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1
XXD/07/SKCThe Power of Love: Together at ChristmasVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation1


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