The Grieg Edition

~ Release group series


CD 1 – Complete Piano Music Vol.I
Four Piano Pieces Op.1
Poetical Tone-Pictures, Op.3
Humoresques, Op.6
Sonata in E Minor, Op.7
Lyrical Pieces, Vol.I, Op.12

CD 2 – Complete Piano Music Vol.II
25 Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances, Op.17
Pictures From Folk-Life – Humoresques, Op.19
Sigurd Jorsalfar, Op.22

CD 3 – Complete Piano Music Vol.III
Ballade, Op.24
Four Album Leaves, Op.28
Improvisations on Two Norwegian Folk-Songs, Op.29
Two Elegiac Melodies, Op.34
Norwegian Dances, Op.35

CD 4 – Complete Piano Music Vol.IV
Waltz-Caprices, Op.37
Lyric Pieces, Op.38
Holberg Suite, Op.40
Transcriptions of Original Songs, Op.41

CD 5 – Complete Piano Music Vol.V
Lyric Pieces, Op.45
Peer Gynt Suite, No.1 Op.46
Lyric Pieces, Op.47
Scenes From ‘Olav Trygvason”, Op.50
Transcriptions of Original Songs, Op.52

CD 6 – Complete Piano Music Vol.VI
Two Melodies for String Orchestra, Op.54
Lyric Pieces, Op.54
Peer Gynt Suite, No.2 Op.55
Three Orchestral Pieces From “Sigurd Jorsalfar”, Op.56

CD 7 – Complete Piano Music Vol.VII
Lyric Pieces, Op.57
Lyric Pieces, Op.62
Two Nordic Melodies, Op.63

CD 8 – Complete Piano Music, Vol.VIII
Lyric Pieces, Op.65
Norvegian Folk-Songs, Op.66
Lyric Pieces, Op.68

CD 9 – Complete Piano Music, Vol.IX
Lyric Pieces, Op.71
Norwegian Peasant Dances, Op.72

CD 10 – Complete Piano Music Vol.X
Moods, Op.73
23 Short Pieces For Piano (EG 104)

CD 11 – Complete Piano Music Vol.Xi
Three Piano Pieces (EG 105)
At the Halfdan Kjerulf Statue (EG 167)
Six Norwegian Mountain Melodies (EG 108)
Dance of the Mountain King’s Daughter, Op.23 no.9
Three Piano Pieces (EG 110-112)
Bergliot, Op.42 (Astrid Folstad does the recitation)

CD 12 – Complete Piano Music Vol.XII
Norway’s Melodies (EG 133)
The Entry of the Boyars (EG 183)

CD 13 – Complete Songs Vol.I
Four Songs, Op.15
Three Songs from “Peer Gynt”, Op.23
Six Songs by Holder Drachman, Op.49
Five Songs by Vilhelm Krag, Op.60

CD 14 – Complete Songs Vol.II
‘Melodies of the Heart” by H.C. Anderson, Op.3
Twelve Songs to Poems by A.O. Vinje, Op.33
Six Elegiac Songs, by John Paulsen, Op.59

CD 15 – Complete Songs Vol.III
Seven Children’s Songs, Op.61
Songs From “Haugtussa” – Not in Op.67
The Mountain Maid. Song Cycle From Arne Garborg’s “Haugtussa, Op.67
Clara’s Song EG 124
I Love You, Dear EG 127
The Princess EG 133
Sighs EG 134
Morning Prayer at School EG 139

CD 16 – Complete Songs Vol.IV
Six Songs, Op.4
Four Songs by Bj. Bjørnson, Op.21
‘Reminiscenes from Mountain and Fjord”, Op.44
Six Songs, Op.48

CD 17 – Complete Songs Vol.V
Look at the Sea EG 121
Four Songs, Op.2
Four Songs by Chr. Winther, Op.10
Nine Songs, Op.18
Six Songs by Henrik Ibsen, Op.25
Songs Without Opus Numbers

CD 18 – Complete Songs Vol.VI
Songs and Ballads by A. Munch, Op.9
Five Poems by John Paulsen, Op.26
Romances, Op.39
Five Songs by Otto Benzon, Op.69
Five Songs by Otto Benzon, Op.70

CD 19 – Complete Songs Vol.VII
Various Songs – EG’s 135, 145, 155, 123, 129, 142, 137, 125, 128, 151, 131, 147, 141, 153, 144, 126, 149, 140, 156, 154, 146.

CD 20 – Music For Strings
In Folk Style, Op.63 no.1
Two Elegiac Melodies, Op.34
Åse’s Death, Op.46 no.2
String Quartet No.1 in G Minor, Op.27

CD 21 – Complete String Quartets
String Quartet in G minor, Op.27
Unfinished String Quartet in F major
Fugue in F minor

CD 22 – Complete Violin Sonatas
Sonata no.1 in F major, Op.8
Sonata no.2 in G major, Op.13
Sonata no.3 in C minor, Op.45

CD 23 – Complete Chamber Music Vol.1
Intermezzo for Cello and Piano (EG 115)
Andante Con Moto
Cello Sonata in A Minor, Op.36
‘From Holberg’s Time”, Op.40

CD 24 – Complete Chamber Music Vol.II
Six Songs With Orchestra
Two Melodies For String Orchestra, Op.53
Two Nordic Melodies, Op.63
Two Lyric Pieces for String Orchestra, Op.68
The Mountain Thrall, Op.32

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Release Groups

1993The Grieg Edition: Complete Piano MusicEdvard Grieg; Geir Henning BraatenAlbum12
1993The Grieg Edition: Complete SongsEdvard Grieg; Rudolf JansenAlbum7
1993The Grieg Edition: Music for Strings (Trondheim Soloists)Edvard GriegAlbum1
1993The Grieg Edition: Complete String Quartets (The Norwegian String Quartet)Edvard GriegAlbum1
1993The Grieg Edition: Complete Violin SonatasEdvard Grieg; Einar Henning Smebye, Terje TønnesenAlbum1
1994The Grieg Edition: Complete Chamber Music, Volume 1Edvard Grieg; Oslo Trio, TrondheimSolistene, Bjarne FiskumAlbum1
1994The Grieg Edition: Complete Chamber Music, Volume II (Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, The Trondheim Soloists feat. conductor: Bjarne Fiskum)Edvard GriegAlbum1


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