This is an unofficial soundtrack of the game Fallout 2. It is marked as a bootleg; while this soundtrack was never released as a stand-alone record in this form, the tracks below are exactly those on the game disc. More info available at No Mutants Allowed.

The titles in parentheses are those of game maps where the songs are used. Some of the songs are reused from ''Fallout (the first game), and that's where they receive the titles. It's not clear where the other have originated.

The game files are AKISS.ACM, 01HUB.ACM, 03WRLDMP.ACM, 05RAIDERS.ACM, 07DESERT.ACM, 08VATS.ACM, 10LABONE.ACM, 12JUNKTN.ACM, 13CARVRN.ACM, 14NECRO.ACM, 16FOLLOW.ACM, 17ARROYO.ACM, 18MODOC.ACM, 19RENO.ACM, 20CAR.ACM, 21SF.ACM, 22VCITY.ACM, 23WORLD.ACM, 24REDD.ACM. It is unknown what happened to the missing numbers.

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Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 A Kiss to Build a Dream On (intro)
Louis Armstrong 5 3:02
2 Trader's Life (New California Republic)
Mark Morgan 4:03
3 Moribund World (Klamath Falls)
Mark Morgan 3:03
4 Khans of New California (The Den, Merc Camp)
Mark Morgan 3:18
5 Desert Wind (Desert)
Mark Morgan 3:20
6 Vats of Goo (Broken Hills, Military Base, Sierra Army Depot)
Mark Morgan 3:18
7 City of Lost Angels (Ghost Farm, Golgotha)
Mark Morgan 3:46
8 Industrial Junk (Gecko)
Mark Morgan 3:24
9 Underground Troubles (Caverns)
Mark Morgan 3:53
10 City of the Dead (Navarro, Vault 15)
Mark Morgan 3:24
11 Follower's Credo (Enclave)
Mark Morgan 2:59
12 Beyond the Canyon (Arroyo)
Mark Morgan 3:14
13 Dream Town (Modoc)
Mark Morgan 3:17
14 Biggest Little City in the World (New Reno)
Mark Morgan 3:14
15 My Chrysalis Highwayman (Car Drive)
Mark Morgan 1:07
16 Many Contrasts (San Francisco)
Mark Morgan 3:55
17 All-Clear Signal (Vault City)
Mark Morgan 3:18
18 California Revisited (World Map)
Mark Morgan 1:32
19 Gold Slouch (Redding)
Mark Morgan 3:25


Medium 1

Mark Morgan (score composer) (tracks 2–19)
Harry Ruby (1935) (track 1)
Oscar Hammerstein II (1935) (track 1)
Bert Kalmar (1935) (track 1)
recording of:
A Trader's Life (track 2)
All-Clear Signal (track 17)
Beyond the Canyon (track 12)
City of the Dead (track 10)
Desert Wind (track 5)
Dream Town (track 13)
Followers' Credo (track 11)
Gold Slouch (track 19)
Industrial Junk (track 8)
Many Contrasts (track 16)
Moribund World (track 3)
Vats of Goo (track 6)

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