Finally VINI VICI is ready to present their long awaited debut album on Iboga Records. Vini Vici has taken the scene by storm with a bunch of massive hit singles. Their album FUTURE CLASSICS truly shows why they are some of the most anticipated artists in the scene.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Tribe
Vini Vici 7:47
2 Namaste
Vini Vici 7:42
3 Alteza
Vini Vici 7:52
4 Anything & Everything
Vini Vici vs. Pixel 7:25
5 Talking With U.F. O's
Vini Vici 7:46
6 We Come in Peace (Vini Vici remix)
Liquid Soul vs. Zyce 7:37
7 It's Here
Vini Vici vs. Major7 7:49
8 Veni Vidi Vici
Vini Vici 7:48
9 Hops of Hades (Vini Vici remix)
Ticon 6:52


Digital Media 1

Vini Vici (Psytrance duo from Israel) (tracks 6, 9)