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This is a cooperation release between FormResonance and 33rpm Records. The B-Side's photo shows Bremerhaven's Kaiserhafen I.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Places To Be (Federleicht's "To Be A Place" Remix) Lawrence ?:??
A2 Boogaloo Federleicht ?:??
A3 My Favorite Federleicht ?:??
B1 Jeunesse Dorrée Federleicht ?:??
B2 Eternal Theatre Federleicht ?:??
B3 Guns Make U No Tuff Federleicht ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

additional remixer:
(W&p) Marc Bammann (German house/electronica producer) (track A1)
Federleicht (track A1)