12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Bookends Theme 3 0:33
A2 Save the Life of My Child 3 2:49
A3 America 3.85 3:35
A4 Overs 2:19
A5 Voices of Old People 2:07
A6 Old Friends 4 2:35
A7 Bookends Theme 3 1:24
B1 Fakin’ It 3:19
B2 Punky’s Dilemma 2:17
B3 Mrs. Robinson 4.35 4:06
B4 A Hazy Shade of Winter 3.5 2:17
B5 At the Zoo 2:22


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Hal Blaine (1968-02-02) (track B3)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1968-02-02) (track B3)
assistant producer:
Bob Johnston (American record producer) (tracks A1–B5)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A1–A4, A6–B5)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A1–A4, A6–B5)
Art Garfunkel (track B4)
Simon & Garfunkel (track B4)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (track B4)
Art Garfunkel (tracks A1–B5)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A1–B5)
Roy Halee (tracks A1–B5)
recording engineer:
Roy Halee (tracks A1–B5)
Art Garfunkel (tracks A3, A7)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A3, A7)
Art Garfunkel (1968-02-02) (track B3)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1968-02-02) (track B3)
phonographic copyright by:
Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (not for release label use! company owned by Sony Corporation of America from 1991–2004; operated worldwide except in JP) (1968) (track B3)
Pattern Music Ltd (tracks A3, B3)
Paul Simon Music (tracks A1–A4, A6–B5)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track B3)
later translated versions:
Mevrouw Robinson (track B3)
Mrs. Robinson (Finnish) (track B3)
partial instrumental recording of:
Bookends Theme (track A1)
recording of:
America (track A3)
At the Zoo (track B5)
Bookends Theme (track A7)
Fakin’ It (track B1)
Old Friends (track A6)
Overs (track A4)
Punky’s Dilemma (track B2)
Mrs. Robinson (1968-02-02) (track B3)