12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Deer Stalking Man
Thee Headcoats ?:??
A2 Dagger Attack
Armitage Shanks ?:??
A3 In You
Holly Golightly ?:??
A4 Led Pedal
Cee Bee Beaumont ?:??
A5 Cherry Muffin Time
Spit Baby ?:??
A6 Y.M.A.H.
Sexton Ming & Diamond Gussets ?:??
A7 Get Out of My Love
Stewed ?:??
A8 The Picker
The Kravin' "A"s ?:??
B1 Out of My Head
The Green Hornets ?:??
B2 Project P.KO
Phantom Pregnancies ?:??
B3 Bitch
Problem Hair ?:??
B4 Haywire Hodaddy
The Hodads ?:??
B5 Lies You Told
Jesse Hector & The Sound ?:??
B6 Knocked Out Cold
The Campus Tramps ?:??
B7 Touch on Me
Fire Dept ?:??
B8 Snaked Eyed Suzy
Thee Cybermen ?:??