12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Drive My Car 5 2:21
A2 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 4.65 2:05
A3 You Won’t See Me 3 3:18
A4 Nowhere Man 5 2:44
A5 Think for Yourself 4 2:18
A6 The Word 2:41
A7 Michelle 4 2:41
B1 What Goes On 2:47
B2 Girl 3.65 2:29
B3 I’m Looking Through You 2:24
B4 In My Life 4.5 2:27
B5 Wait 5 2:13
B6 If I Needed Someone 2:21
B7 Run for Your Life 2:27


12" Vinyl 1

Hammond organ:
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (track B3)
Mal Evans (1965-11-11) (track A3)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (1965-10-21) (track A2)
George Martin (track B4)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (1965-10-13) (track A1)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (1965-11-10) (track A6)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (1965-11-11) (track A3)
George Martin (1965-11-10) (track A6)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A5, B6)
lead vocals:
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks B4–B5)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (tracks B3, B5)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks B5–B6)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (1965-10-12) (track B7)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (1965-10-13) (track A1)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (1965-10-21) (track A2)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (1965-10-22) (track A4)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (1965-11-03) (track A7)
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (1965-11-04) (track B1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (1965-11-08) (track A5)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (1965-11-10) (track A6)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (1965-11-10) (track A6)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (1965-11-10) (track A6)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (1965-11-11) (track B2)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (1965-11-11) (track A3)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A5, B6)
George Martin (tracks A2–A3, A5–A6, B2–B5, B7)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks A1–A4, A6–B5, B7)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (tracks A1–A4, A6–B5, B7)
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (track B1)
Maclen Music Ltd. (track A1)
Northern Songs (track B4)
Northern Songs Ltd. (tracks A1–A2, A7, B7)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (track A3)
has remixes:
Nowhere Man (1999 remix) by The Beatles (track A4)
Think for Yourself (1999 remix) by The Beatles (track A5)
sampled by:
Something / Blue Jay Way (transition) (Love version) by The Beatles (track A4)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Love version) by The Beatles (track B4)
part of:
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 83) (track A2)
12 Songs: Michelle (track A7)
Norwegian Wood (track A2)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
Noah Man (track A4)
Norwegian Jim (track A2)
Try Micah (track A1)
later translated versions:
A la meva vida (track B4)
Alles war Holz (track A2)
Geh (Girl) (track B2)
Irgendwo (track A4)
Matta (Girl) (track B2)
Michelle (French version of the Beatles' song) (track A7)
Michelle (Finnish) (track A7)
Michelle (german translation) (track A7)
Michelle (Italian version) (track A7)
Norjan puu (track A2)
Norwegiae lignum (track A2)
Peitä jälkesi (track B7)
Rien pour faire une chanson (Run for Your Life) (track B7)
Rêve (Girl) (track B2)
Tyttö (track B2)
later versions:
Je l'aime (track B2)
recording of:
If I Needed Someone (track B6)
In My Life (track B4)
Wait (Beatles song) (track B5)
Run for Your Life (1965-10-12) (track B7)
Drive My Car (1965-10-13) (track A1)
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (1965-10-21) (track A2)
Nowhere Man (1965-10-22) (track A4)
Michelle (1965-11-03) (track A7)
What Goes On (1965-11-04) (track B1)
Think for Yourself (1965-11-08) (track A5)
The Word (1965-11-10) (track A6)
Girl (1965-11-11) (track B2)
You Won’t See Me (1965-11-11) (track A3)
referred to in medleys:
Beatles Medley (Stars on 45) (tracks A1, A4, A6, B5)
All Together Now (medley) (track A7)
Stars on 45 (Beatles Medley 7″ Mix) (tracks A1, A4)
Stars on 45 (12″ single) (tracks A1, A4)


photography:Robert Freeman (photographer)
producer:George Martin
manufactured by:東芝EMI 株式会社 (record company, do not use as release label - check obi, back or disc for imprint! Ended 2007-06-29)
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