Go Gentle

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CD 1
1Go Gentle
recording engineer:
Richard Flack (producer/engineer), Steve Price (UK recording engineer/producer/orchestrator/arranger) (strings) and Al Schmitt
Guy Chambers (English songwriter and record producer)
assistant mixer:
Isabel Seeliger-Morley
Richard Flack (producer/engineer)
acoustic guitar:
George Doering
Nathan East
bass trombone:
Craig Gosnell
congas, glockenspiel, shakers [shaker], tambourine and vibraphone:
Frank Ricotti (percussionist)
drums (drum set) [drums]:
Bernie Dresel
Hammond organ [Hammond B3 organ] and piano:
Jim Cox (US keyboard player, composer)
saxophone [saxophones]:
Eric Marienthal, Jay Mason (saxophonist), Sal Lozano, Brian Scanlon (woodwind) and Tom Scott (saxophonist, Blues Brothers, LA Express, Starsky & Hutch)
London Session Orchestra
trombone [trombones]:
Andy Martin (jazz trombonist), Charlie Morillas (trombonist) and Francisco Torres (trombone)
trumpet [trumpets]:
Jeff Bunnell, Chuck Findley, Dan Fornero and Gary Grant (brass)
background vocals:
Chloe Askew, David Catlin-Birch (UK bassist and guitarist), Ren Harvieu, Gary Nuttall and Robbie Williams
lead vocals:
Robbie Williams
Steve Sidwell (English composer & wind instrumentalist)
Steve Sidwell (English composer & wind instrumentalist)
Everton Nelson (violinist)
phonographic copyright (℗) by:
Farrell Music Limited (in 2013)
mixed at:
RAK Studios 3 in London (Greater London), England, United Kingdom
recording of:
Go Gentle
Guy Chambers (English songwriter and record producer), Chris Heath (journalist, songwriter) and Robbie Williams
Farrell Music Limited and Kobalt Music
Robbie Williams44:34
2You Got Old
Robbie Williams feat. Jonathan Wilkes3:45