12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 United
Garry Johnson 0:49
A2 Dambusters March
JJ All Stars 2:13
A3 Suburban Rebels
The Business 2:18
A4 Each Dawn I Die
Infa Riot 2:21
A5 Arms Race
The Partisans 2:08
A6 East End Kids
The Ejected 1:35
A7 Transvestite
Peter and the Test Tube Babies 3:19
A8 Nation on Fire
Blitz 3:08
A9 King of the Jungle
The Last Resort 4:04
B1 Tuckers Ruckers Ain't No Suckers
The Gonads 1:51
B2 Evil
The 4‐Skins 1:38
B3 Product
The Business 2:33
Red Alert 2:22
B5 Guvnors Man
Oi! The Comrade 0:43
B6 Maniac
Peter and the Test Tube Babies 2:40
B7 What Am I Gonna Do
The Ejected 1:48
B8 No U Turns
The Partisans 1:50
B9 Youth
Blitz 1:56
B10 Walk On
Oi! The Choir 1:46


12" Vinyl 1

Peter Bywaters (track A7)
Derek Greening (tracks A7, B6)
Carl Fisher (of Blitz) (track A8)
Charlie Howe (track A8)
Neil McLennan (track A8)
Nidge Miller (track A8)
recording of:
Maniac (track B6)
Nation on Fire (track A8)
Transvestite (track A7)

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