12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 The Barnyard Song
Sam Hinton 1:20
A2 Must I Go Bound
Sam Hinton 1:30
A3 The Arkansas Traveller
Sam Hinton 2:45
A4 See See Rider
Mississippi John Hurt 2:58
A5 Stagolee
Mississippi John Hurt 3:10
A6 Spike Driver Blues
Mississippi John Hurt 2:40
A7 Coffee Blues
Mississippi John Hurt 2:37
A8 Diamond Joe
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott 3:07
A9 Walk Right In
The Rooftop Singers 2:30
B1 Un Canadien Errant
Ian & Sylvia 3:00
B2 Woke Up This Morning
The Freedom Singers 3:50
B3 Oh Freedom
Joan Baez 2:43
B4 Te Ador / Ate Amanha
Joan Baez 3:00
B5 Wagoner's Lad
Joan Baez 2:18
B6 Blowin' in the Wind
Bob Dylan 3:00
B7 We Shall Overcome
The Freedom Singers 3:35


12" Vinyl 1

Gus Cannon (track A9)
Hosea Woods (track A9)
Bob Dylan (1962-04) (track B6)
Bob Dylan (1962-04) (track B6)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks B3, B5)
Sony Music Publishing (worldwide except Japan, ended 1995) (track B6)
Warner/Chappell (1962 – 1990) (track B6)
Special Rider Music (1990 –) (track B6)
recorded at:
Freebody Park in Newport, Rhode Island, United States (1963-06-26 – 1963-06-28) (tracks B2–B7)
Freebody Park in Newport, Rhode Island, United States (1963-07-26) (track A8)
Freebody Park in Newport, Rhode Island, United States (1963-07-28) (tracks A1–A7, A9–B1)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 414) (track B5)
cover recording of:
Wagoner's Lad (track B5)
later parody versions:
Fartin' in the Wind (track B6)
Pausenbottle (track B6)
later translated versions:
Blowin’ in the Wind (Romani) (track B6)
Fridenswuchelied (track B6)
Kiedy wieje wiatr (track B6)
Marche tout droit (track A9)
Siglo Yn Y Gwynt (track B6)
風に吹かれて (track B6)
later versions:
New Yorker (track B6)
Rambler, Gambler (track B5)
live cover recording of:
Oh Freedom (track B3)
live recording of:
Spike Driver Blues (track A6)
Walk Right In (track A9)