Not content with the unprecedented international success of their last remix project, the team behind "Always Outsiders, Never Outdone", the unofficial Prodigy Remixed album, have only gone and done it again. This time the Chemical Brothers latest album "Push the Button" gets the remix treatment.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Galvanize ('s galvatron remix) The Chemical Brothers feat. Katie Enlow 4:03
2 The Boxer (Fujikato's Unusual remix) The Chemical Brothers 4:00
3 Believe (Belief, Elektric Cowboy) The Chemical Brothers 5:37
4 Hold Tight London (Dunproofin's Follow Me mix) The Chemical Brothers feat. Katie Enlow 9:11
5 Come Inside (FakeID's Elektrophunk Dub) The Chemical Brothers 7:14
6 The Big Jump (Backflip, Will Rokier) The Chemical Brothers 5:20
7 Left Right (JoolsMF Shoot'em Up mix) The Chemical Brothers 3:51
8 Close Your Eyes (Idiotech remix) The Chemical Brothers 6:00
9 Shake Break Bounce (McSleazy remix) The Chemical Brothers 4:31
10 Marvo Ging (Big Bad Baz) The Chemical Brothers 5:00
11 Surface to Air (Across the Air, Lenlow) The Chemical Brothers feat. Katie Enlow 6:13


Digital Media 1

additional guest performer:
Katie Enlow (tracks 4, 11)
guest lead vocals:
Anwar Superstar (track 7)
Katie Enlow (track 1)
BigBadBaz (track 10)
Elektric Cowboy (track 3)
FakeID (track 5)
JoolsMF (track 7)
Lenlow (track 11)
McSleazy (track 9) (track 1)
Najat Aatabou (track 1)
Sara Ayers (track 5)
Tim Burgess (UK vocalist, The Charlatans) (track 2)
Curtis Alan Jones (track 9)
Justin Smith (track 9)
Kele Okereke (track 3)
Kamaal Ibn John Fareed (American rapper) (track 1)
Rashia Fisher (US rapper) (track 9)
Tom Rowlands (tracks 1–11)
Ed Simons (UK producer, of Chemical Brothers) (tracks 1–11)
Romeo Stodart (track 8)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track 11)
additional samples:
1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins (track 11)
Across the Universe (original “Wildlife” version from No One’s Gonna Change Our World) by The Beatles (track 11)
recording of:
Believe (track 3)
Close Your Eyes (track 8)
Come Inside (track 5)
Galvanize (track 1)
Hold Tight London (track 4)
Left Right (track 7)
Marvo Ging (track 10)
Shake Break Bounce (track 9)
Surface to Air (track 11)
The Big Jump (track 6)
The Boxer (track 2)

Release Group

remix of:Push The Button