12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Tell Me in a Whisper
Warm Soda 2:59
A2 Higher
The Memories 1:46
A3 Hot Summer
Cool Ghouls 3:44
A4 Thine Eyes
Pure Bliss 3:34
A5 Those Drawings I Told You About
Sonny and The Sunsets 2:46
A6 Dreams
Jessica Pratt 3:01
A7 Far Away Place
Earth Girl Helen Brown 2:08
A8 Premonition
Burnt Ones 4:46
B1 Miracle of Life
Magic Trick 5:20
B2 Open Theme
Chris Cohen 3:56
B3 Wash
Fronds 4:20
B4 All Alone House
Little Wings 3:03
B5 Honey Goes
Wet Illustrated 2:07
B6 Why Do You Want to Throw a Brick?
Sunfoot 2:17
B7 Sun in Rain
The Sandwitches 3:07


12" Vinyl 1

Chris Cohen (Deerhoof member, and indie artist) (track B2)
recording of:
Open Theme (track B2)