12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Tiger Feet Mud 5 ?:??
A2 Brother Louie Hot Chocolate 5 ?:??
A3 Daytona Demon Suzi Quatro 4 ?:??
A4 Tap Turns on the Water CCS 2 ?:??
A5 Hi Ho Silver Lightning Jeff Beck ?:??
A6 Sister Jane New World ?:??
A7 Dance With the Devil Cozy Powell 2 ?:??
B1 Dyna-Mite Mud 5 ?:??
B2 48 Crash Suzi Quatro 4.5 ?:??
B3 Whole Lotta Love CCS ?:??
B4 Could Have Been a Lady Hot Chocolate 4 ?:??
B5 Tom Tom Turn Around New World ?:??
B6 Then There Was Skin Cozy Powell ?:??
B7 Can the Can Suzi Quatro 5 ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

additional lyricist:
Willie Dixon (track B3)
John Cameron (British composer, arranger and conductor) (track B3)
Mike Chapman (Australian producer and songwriter) (track A1)
Nicky Chinn (track A1)
Mike Chapman (Australian producer and songwriter) (tracks A1, B1, B7)
Phil Dennys (tracks A7, B6)
Michael Hayes (tracks A7, B6)
Nicky Chinn (tracks A1, B1)
Mike Chapman (Australian producer and songwriter) (tracks A1, B1)
Nicky Chinn (tracks A1, B1, B7)
Mud (UK glam rock band) (track A1)
Mike Chapman (Australian producer and songwriter) (tracks A3, B1–B2, B7)
Mickie Most (English record producer) (tracks A2, A7, B3, B6)
Nicky Chinn (tracks A3, B1–B2, B7)
John Bonham (track B3)
Errol Brown (tracks A2, B4)
Mike Chapman (Australian producer and songwriter) (tracks B2, B5)
John Paul Jones (UK rock musician of Led Zeppelin & Them Crooked Vultures) (track B3)
Jimmy Page (track B3)
Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin) (track B3)
Tony Wilson (bassist/songwriter, member of Hot Chocolate) (tracks A2, B4)
Nicky Chinn (tracks B2, B5)
BMG Music Publishing (NYC-based headquarters, with national subsidiaries under it) (track A1)
Finchley Music (track A2)
RAK Publishing Ltd. (tracks A2, A7, B4, B6)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track B3)
recorded at:
sampled by:
Get Wise by Sho Baraka (track A7)
cover recording of:
Whole Lotta Love (track B3)
is based on:
You Need Love (track B3)
later parody versions:
Whole Lotta Lunch (track B3)
later translated versions:
Frou-Frou (track A2)
Julie, July (track A2)
recording of:
48 Crash (track B2)
Brother Louie (track A2)
Can the Can (track B7)
Dyna-Mite (track B1)
Tiger Feet (track A1)
Tom Tom Turnaround (track B5)