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Kota Hoshino - Evergrace II

Published by FromSoftware SLPS-25044
Released 2001.06.21
Music by Kota Hoshino


one of several soundtracks i've been sitting on for far too long - been meaning to wrap this one in particular up for a hot minute but needed to finish my latest playthrough to confirm track names. i'm sure there's one or two place names missing from the tracks attributed to multiple areas, but you get the idea.

seriously outlandish, captivating soundtrack by the always enigmatic Kota Hoshino. this is easily where he leans furthest into his outsider tendencies, showing total disregard for typical song structure in every sense. in one of his RocketBaby interviews regarding the first Evergrace title, he says "I tried to express the verge between Pop and non-Pop music." - i feel as though he's tapped into that here, as well.

for this release of the sountrack, i've decided to string the pieces together somewhat erratically, as the originals often lack loop points and stop on a dime before restarting. beyond that, minimal changes have been made. some filtering has been done to reduce aliasing. a few of the pieces seem to have been written at 44.1khz before being resampled poorly to 48khz - i've resampled back down to 44.1khz with r8brain and done what i can to filter out tinnitus frequencies without losing too much actual musical information.

i hope you enjoy it, or at least find it interesting.

"I'm very much interested in expressing 'Reality.' Everything that is made of 'Reality' has a great power." - Kota Hoshino

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