12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Fall Out
A2 Long Live the Loud
A3 I Am the Beast
A4 Victims of Sacrifice
A5 Beyond the Gates of Doom
B1 Sudden Impact
B2 Born to Die
B3 Wake Up Screaming


12" Vinyl 1

bass guitar:
Alan Johnson (Canadian bassist) (1985-02) (tracks A1–B3)
Dan Beehler (1985-02) (tracks A1–B3)
John Ricci (1985-02) (tracks A1–B3)
assistant engineer:
Laura Bouisseau (tracks A1–B3)
Guy Bidmead (tracks A1–B3)
lead vocals:
Dan Beehler (1985-02) (tracks A1–B3)
Guy Bidmead (tracks A1–B3)
Dan Beehler (tracks A1–B3)
Alan Johnson (Canadian bassist) (track A4)
recorded at:
Brittania Row Studios in Islington, London, England, United Kingdom (1985-02) (tracks A1–B3)
recording of:
Beyond the Gates of Doom (1985-02) (track A5)
Born to Die (1985-02) (track B2)
Fall Out (1985-02) (track A1)
I Am the Beast (1985-02) (track A3)
Long Live the Loud (1985-02) (track A2)
Sudden Impact (1985-02) (track B1)
Victims of Sacrifice (1985-02) (track A4)
Wake Up Screaming (1985-02) (track B3)

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