The debut PT album from 1992, newly remastered by SW using analogue tape sources for the first time, and with greater dynamics. On the Sunday of Life was recorded by Steven Wilson solo and originally released as a double LP. Lo-Fi by later PT standards, this is an album of future possibilities including everything from psychedelic pop to ambient interludes. The seeds of the future PT sound are also in evidence in tracks such as It Will Rain for a Million Years and the classic Radioactive Toy.

From the sleeve notes:

When I purchased my first digital tape machine in 1989, I copied the Porcupine Tree analogue mixes onto DAT and used these digital copies as the source for all releases from then on. None of this really mattered when I was just duplicating the music onto cassettes, but when it was later released on CD and vinyl I carried on using the 16 bit DAT copies in the belief that they faithfully represented the original analogue tapes. I also felt I needed to do something about the tape noise / hiss on many of the tracks, so the music was subjected to various denoising processes, EQ and filtering to minimise it. Consequently previous editions of the album were never exactly satisfactory to me, but I always assumed that this was down to the sonic limitations of the recordings. That was until I listened to the original analogue tapes for this edition, and was surprised to find that the tone of the music was much richer and the stereo image wider, and I now realise how poor the analogue to digital convertor must have been on that first generation DAT recorder.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that while I’m certainly not going to claim that this album is some kind of sonic masterpiece, this is at least the best On the Sunday of Life… has ever sounded, with a wider stereo image, greater dynamic range, and much more vibrant and natural sonics.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Music for the Head
2 2:40
2 Jupiter Island
3 Third Eye Surfer
4 On the Sunday of Life…
5 The Nostalgia Factory
6 Space Transmission
2 2:59
7 Message From a Self-Destructing Turnip
1 0:27
8 Radioactive Toy
9 Nine Cats
10 Hymn
11 Footprints
12 Linton Samuel Dawson
13 And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun
14 Queen Quotes Crowley
15 No Luck With Rabbits
16 Begonia Seduction Scene
17 This Long Silence
18 It Will Rain for a Million Years


CD 1

additional guitar:
Solomon St. Jemain (track 14)
additional vocals:
Solomon St. Jemain (track 14)
Steven Wilson (founder of Porcupine Tree) (track 9)
Alan Duffy (track 9)
recording of:
Footprints (track 11)
Hymn (track 10)
Nine Cats (track 9)
Radioactive Toy (track 8)
This Long Silence (track 17)