12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Digging a Hole Bim Skala Bim 3:42
A2 Phoenix City Les Misérables Brass Band 3:12
A3 Drums and Chickens Bosstones 2:33
A4 Bread and Circuses BOP (Harvey) 4:31
A5 Bad Thing Public Service 3:10
A6 Let Me Go Freedom of Expression 3:49
A7 Groucho (dub) Roland Alphonso & Bim Skala Bim 1:58
B1 Rude Girls The N.Y. Citizens 2:50
B2 Mario's Hideout Gangster Fun 2:15
B3 Let's Go Bowling Let's Go Bowling 1:56
B4 No Respect Not Bob Marley 3:23
B5 Out of My Mind Plate O' Shrimp 5:16
B6 Faceless Expression Oddly Enough 2:38
B7 Get Out The Now 3:13


12" Vinyl 1

Bim Skala Bim (track A7)