12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Like a Surgeon
4 3:29
A2 Dare to Be Stupid
4 3:24
A3 I Want a New Duck
3.25 3:01
A4 One More Minute
4 4:02
A5 Yoda
3.8 3:53
B1 George of the Jungle
2.65 1:00
B2 Slime Creatures From Outer Space
3.35 4:20
B3 Girls Just Want to Have Lunch
3 2:44
B4 This Is the Life
3 3:02
B5 Cable TV
3 3:34
B6 Hooked on Polkas
3.35 3:50


12" Vinyl 1

Gary Herbig (tracks B4, B6)
Joel Peskin (tracks B4, B6)
bass guitar:
Steve Jay (bassist) (tracks A4–B6)
Warren Luening (tracks B1, B4, B6)
Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz (drummer) (tracks A1–B6)
Pat Regan (engineer) (tracks A1–B6)
Rick Derringer (tracks A1, A3–B6)
Jim West (supporting musician for "Weird Al" Yankovic) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
body percussion [musical hands]:
Steve Jay (bassist) (tracks B4, B6)
Al Viola (tracks B4, B6)
Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz (drummer) (tracks A1, A5–B6)
“Weird Al” Yankovic (tracks A1–A4, B1–B4)
Gary Herbig (tracks A3, B1, B5–B6)
Jimmy Zavala (tracks A3, B1, B5–B6)
turntable [scratches]:
The Glove (track B4)
Sonny Burke (Keyboard player) (tracks A4–A5, B4–B6)
Pat Regan (engineer) (tracks A4–A5, B4–B6)
Tommy Johnson (Session musician - Tuba) (track B6)
“Weird Al” Yankovic (tracks A1–B6, B6)
background vocals:
Steve Jay (bassist) (tracks A2–A4, B1–B4, B6)
The Waters Sisters (track B5)
Jim West (supporting musician for "Weird Al" Yankovic) (tracks A2–A4, B1–B4, B6)
“Weird Al” Yankovic (tracks A2–B4, B6)
Euday L. Bowman (track B6)
Ray Davies (UK singer/songwriter, member of The Kinks) (track A5)
Peter Gill (UK drummer for Frankie Goes to Hollywood) (track B6)
Daryl Hall (track B6)
Chris Hayes (track A3)
Robert Hazard (track B3)
Michael Jackson (“King of Pop”) (track B6)
Holly Johnson (track B6)
Tom Kelly (songwriter) (track A1)
Huey Lewis (track A3)
Kenny Loggins (track B6)
Mark O’Toole (former bassist of Frankie Goes to Hollywood) (track B6)
Dee Snider (track B6)
Billy Steinberg (track A1)
Stan Worth (track B1)
“Weird Al” Yankovic (tracks A2, A4, B2, B4–B6)
Tony Papa (tracks A1–B3, B5–B6)
George Tutko (engineer, producer) (track B4)
guest performer:
Bill Scott (track B1)
lead vocals:
“Weird Al” Yankovic (tracks A1–B6)
Daryl Hall (track B6)
Michael Jackson (“King of Pop”) (track B6)
Holly Johnson (track B6)
Dee Snider (track B6)
Janna Allen (songwriter) (track B6)
Sheldon Allman (track B1)
Randy Hansen (track B6)
Carlo Karges (track B6)
Dean Pitchford (track B6)
“Weird Al” Yankovic (tracks A1–A5, B2–B5)
Rick Derringer (tracks A1–B6)
Jon Anderson (Yes/Jon & Vangelis) (track B6)
Frankie Banali (track B6)
Frank Beard (ZZ Top drummer) (track B6)
Terry Britten (track B6)
Carlos Cavazo (track B6)
Tony Cavazo (track B6)
Kevin DuBrow (track B6)
Billy Gibbons (track B6)
Dusty Hill (track B6)
Trevor Horn (track B6)
Simon Le Bon (Singer for Duran Duran) (track B6)
Graham Lyle (track B6)
Trevor Rabin (track B6)
Nick Rhodes (track B6)
Chris Squire (Yes bassist) (track B6)
Andy Taylor (of Duran Duran) (track B6)
John Taylor (UK bassist for Duran Duran) (track B6)
Roger Taylor (Duran Duran drummer) (track B6)
phonographic copyright by:
CBS, Inc. (US broadcasting company; file no releases here!) (1985) (tracks A1–B6)
Volcano Entertainment III, L.L.C. (1985) (tracks A1–B6)
Davray Music Ltd. (track A5)
Denise Barry Music (track A1)
Ear Booker Music (tracks A2, A4, B2, B4–B5)
Heroic Music (track B3)
Holy Moley Music (tracks A2, A4, B2, B4–B5)
Hulex Music (track A3)
Jay Ward Publishing (track B1)
Lew Bob Songs (track A3)
Polifer Publishing (track A1)
Sony/ATV Melody (tracks A2, A4, B5)
recorded at:
cover recording of:
George of the Jungle (theme song of the 1967 animated TV series) (track B1)
medley of:
12th Street Rag (track B6)
State of Shock (track B6)
Sharp Dressed Man (track B6)
We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister song) (track B6)
99 Luftballons (track B6)
Footloose (track B6)
The Reflex (track B6)
Metal Health (Bang Your Head) (track B6)
Relax (track B6)
Ear Booker Polka (track B6)
parody version of:
I Want a New Drug (track A3)
Like a Virgin (track A1)
Lola (track A5)
recording of:
Cable TV (track B5)
Dare to Be Stupid (track A2)
Hooked on Polkas (track B6)
I Want a New Duck (track A3)
Like a Surgeon (track A1)
One More Minute (track A4)
This Is the Life (track B4)
Yoda (track A5)


design/illustration: Lou Beach
miscellaneous support: Imaginary Entertainment
Jay Levey
photography: Dennis Keeley
distributed by: CBS Records (manufacturer/distributor)
manufactured by: CBS Records (manufacturer/distributor)
rights society: ASCAP (Do not use this as a release label or work publisher!)
BMI (Do not use as a release label or work publisher!)
mastered at: Sterling Sound in New York, New York, United States
remastered versions: Dare to Be Stupid (remastered, 24bit)
ASIN: US: B0019T7PQS [info]
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