12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A Creeping Death
4.3 6:36
B1 Am I Evil?
3.85 7:45
B2 Blitzkrieg
3.65 3:35


12" Vinyl 1

electric bass guitar [bass]:
Cliff Burton (1984-02-20 – 1984-03-14) (track A)
drums (drum set) [drums]:
Lars Ulrich (1984-02-20 – 1984-03-14) (track A)
electric guitar [lead guitar]:
Kirk Hammett (1984-02-20 – 1984-03-14) (track A)
electric guitar [rhythm guitar]:
James Hetfield (1984-02-20 – 1984-03-14) (track A)
assistant producer:
Mark Whitaker (track A)
Flemming Rasmussen (track A)
Cliff Burton (track A)
Kirk Hammett (track A)
Lars Ulrich (track A)
James Hetfield (track A)
Jeffrey ‘Nik’ Norman (tracks B1–B2)
Flemming Rasmussen (track A)
lead vocals:
James Hetfield (1984-02-20 – 1984-03-14) (track A)
Kirk Hammett (track A)
James Hetfield (track A)
phonographic copyright by:
Metallica (1981) (track B2)
Mark Whitaker (1981) (track B2)
Metallica (1982) (track B1)
Mark Whitaker (1982) (track B1)
Metallica (1984) (track A)
Metallica (tracks A–B2)
Mark Whitaker (tracks B1–B2)
Sean Harris (Diamond Head lead vocalist) (track B1)
Ian Jones (UK metal guitarist for Blitzkrieg) (track B2)
Brian Smith (UK metal vocalist for Blitzkrieg) (track B2)
Jim Sirotto (track B2)
Brian Tatler (track B1)
phonographic copyright by:
Precious Metal Music (1984) (track A)
Blackened Recordings (copyrights holder, do not use as label!) (2016) (track A)
Neat Music (track B2)
Zomba Music (track B1)
mixed at:
recorded at:
Ron McGovney's Garage in United States (1982-03) (track B1)
Sweet Silence Studios (Strandlodsvej) in Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark (1984-02-20 – 1984-03-14) (track A)
has remixes:
cover recording of:
Blitzkrieg (track B2)
Am I Evil? (1982-03) (track B1)
is based on:
Die By His Hand (track A)
recording of:
Creeping Death (1984-02-20 – 1984-03-14) (track A)


manufactured in:England, United Kingdom
design/illustration:Alvin Petty
photography:Ross Halfin
copyrighted by:Music for Nations (1984)

Release Group

single/EP which was taken from:Ride the Lightning by Metallica
included in:Limited-Edition Vinyl Box Set by Metallica
Wikidata:Q1139520 [info]