There are different covers for this. One says "Faraway vol. II" *newline* "Apocalyptica feat. Linda." ( and one says "Apocalyptica" *newline* "faraway vol. 2 (feat. Linda Sundblad from Lambretta)" (

Also: the tracks on this album appear to be Faraway *volume 2* but they are just Faraway on the cover (I think the vol.-Part was left out because the album is called like this and the cover designer thought it would be redundant - however the website says it's volume 2: )

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Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Faraway (radio edit)
Apocalyptica feat. Linda 3 3:32
2 Faraway (extended version)
Apocalyptica feat. Linda 3.5 5:15
3 Perdition
Apocalyptica 3 4:09


Medium 1

guest lead vocals:
Linda (Swedish singer) (track 2)
Linda Sundblad (tracks 1–2)
recording of:
Faraway (tracks 1–2)
Faraway, Volume 2 (tracks 1–2)


ASIN: DE: B000094HMX [info]

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