Label: Simply Vinyl - Cat#: SVLP 317

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Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Love Thy Neighbour
Vivian Jackson and The Defenders 3:36
A2 Conquering Lion
Vivian Jackson and The Ralph Brothers 3:25
A3 Fisherman Special
Tommy McCook and Don D. Jnr. 3:16
A4 Yabby Youth
Big Youth and Vivian Jackson 3:14
A5 Big Youth Fights Against Capitalism
King Tubby 3:08
A6 Covetous Man
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 2:59
B1 Run Come Rally
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:16
B2 Rally Dub
Upsetter Mix 3:18
B3 Anti-Christ
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 2:39
B4 God Is Watching
Dicky Burton 2:57
B5 Pablo Dread In a Red Augustus
Pablo and Vivian Jackson 3:06
B6 Rock King Tubby's
King Tubby 3:23
C1 Warn the Nation
The Prophets 2:26
C2 Honey Dub
King Tubby 3:01
C3 Carnal Mind
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:05
C4 Love of Jah
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:04
C5 Love of Jah (version)
King Tubby 2:59
C6 The Man Who Does the Work
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 2:42
D1 Jah Vengeance
Vivian Jackson and The Sons of Jah 2:48
D2 Revenge
Tommy McCook 2:51
D3 Freshly
Dillinger 3:06
D4 Natty Dread On the Mountain Top
Tappa Zukie 2:58
D5 Gwan and Lef' Me
Trinity 2:47
D6 Tubby's Vengeance
King Tubby 2:57
D7 Death Trap
Tommy McCook 3:08
Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
E1 Man of the Living
Wayne Wade 2:58
E2 King Tubby Special
King Tubby 3:23
E3 Lord of Lords
Wayne Wade 3:19
E4 Lord Dub
King Tubby 3:15
E5 Chant Jah Victory
Errol Alphonso 3:31
E6 Jah Victory Dub
King Tubby 3:38
F1 Walls of Jerusalem
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:40
F2 Jerusalem Dub
King Tubby 3:40
F3 King Pharaoh's Plague (discomix)
The Prophets and Trinity 5:15
F4 Plague of Horn
Tommy McCook 3:23
F5 King Pharaoh Dub
King Tubby 3:21
F6 Jesus Dread
Dillinger vs. Trinity 3:26
G1 Chant Down Babylon Kingdom disco
The Prophets and Trinity 5:07
G2 Chanting Dub
King Tubby 2:43
G3 Hornsman Chant
Tommy McCook 2:45
G4 Fire In a Kingston
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:11
G5 Fire Dub
King Tubby 2:34
H1 Judgement On the Land
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:03
H2 Repatriation Dub
Yabby U 3:23
H3 Deliver Me From My Enemies
Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 2:53
H4 Born Free (discomix)
Michael Rose 5:55
H5 Love Thy Neighbor (version)
King Tubby 3:34


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