Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Fortuna Imperatix Mundi: O Fortuna
Carl Orff 2:26
2 Fortuna Imperatix Mundi: Fortune plango vulnera
Carl Orff 2:36
3 I. Primo Vere: Veris leta facies
Carl Orff 3:53
4 I. Primo Vere: Omnia sol temperat (feat. bariton: Tomaz Kovacic)
Carl Orff 2:14
5 I. Primo Vere: Ecce gratum
Carl Orff 2:41
6 Uf dem Anger: Tanz
Carl Orff 2:07
7 Uf dem Anger: Floret silva
Carl Orff 3:03
8 Uf dem Anger: Chramer, gip die varwe mir
Carl Orff 3:44
9 Uf dem Anger: Reie: Swaz hie gat umbe / Chume, cum geselle min / Swaz hie gat umbe
Carl Orff 4:45
10 Uf dem Anger: Were diu werlt alle min
Carl Orff 0:58
11 II. In Taberna: Estuans interius (feat. bariton: Tomaz Kovacic)
Carl Orff 2:33
12 II. In Taberna: Olim lacus colueram (feat. tenor: Sandro Santander)
Carl Orff 3:29
13 II. In Taberna: Ego sum abbas (feat. bariton: Tomaz Kovacic)
Carl Orff 1:19
14 II. In Taberna: In taberna quando sumus
Carl Orff 3:00
15 III. Cour d'amours: Amor volat undique (feat. sopran: Temi Kamurova)
Carl Orff 3:29
16 III. Cour d'amours: Dies, nox et omnia (feat. bariton: Tomaz Kovacic)
Carl Orff 2:01
17 III. Cour d'amours: Stetit puella (feat. sopran: Temi Kamburova)
Carl Orff 1:57
18 III. Cour d'amours: Circa mea pectora (feat. bariton: Tomaz Kovacic)
Carl Orff 2:05
19 III. Cour d'amours: Si puer cum puellula (feat. solo: Chen Ming)
Carl Orff 0:56
20 III. Cour d'amours: Veni, veni, venias
Carl Orff 1:04
21 III. Cour d'amours: In trutina (feat. sopran: Temi Kamburova)
Carl Orff 1:04
22 III. Cour d'amours: Tempus est iocundum (feat. sopran: Temi Kamburova, bariton: Tomaz Kovacic)
Carl Orff 2:11
23 III. Cour d'amours: Dulcissime (feat. sopran: Temi Kamburova)
Carl Orff 0:36
24 IV. Blanziflor et Helena: Ave formosissima
Carl Orff 1:33
25 Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O fortuna
Carl Orff 2:24
26 Applaus
Carl Orff 6:05


Medium 1

baritone vocals:
Tomaz Kovacic (tracks 4, 11, 13, 16, 18, 22)
Carl Orff (1936) (tracks 1–25)
Robert Fischer (tracks 1–25)
solo performer:
Chen Ming (track 19)
soprano vocals:
Temi Kamburova (tracks 15, 17, 21–23)
tenor vocals:
Sandro Santander (track 12)
Schott Music International (tracks 1–25)
A Young Girl (track 17)
Boiling Rage (track 11)
Come, My Beauty (track 20)
In the Tavern (track 14)
Sunrise (track 4)
Sweetest Boy (track 23)
The Dance (track 6)
The Face of Spring (track 3)
The Lovers (track 24)
The Roasted Swan (track 12)
The Wounds of Fate (track 2)
Welcome (track 5)
is the basis for:
Dies, Nox et Omnia (OC ReMix) (track 16)
later versions:
The Mass (track 1)
part of:
recording of: