Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Cool Yule
Louis Armstrong 2:57
2 Winter Wonderland
Tony Bennett 4 2:14
3 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Lou Rawls 2:29
4 The Christmas Waltz
Nancy Wilson 2:39
5 Caroling, Caroling
Nat King Cole 2:02
6 Happy Holiday
Peggy Lee 1:56
7 Carol of the Bells
George Winston 3:56
8 Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy
David Bowie & Bing Crosby 2:39
9 Merry Christmas Baby
Otis Redding 2:33
10 (There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays
Perry Como 2:57
11 More
Bobby Darin 2:25
12 I'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams)
Frank Sinatra 3:10


Medium 1

Robert Farnon (track 2)
choir vocals:
Robert Allen (US songwriter/arranger/pianist) (track 10)
Felix Bernard (track 2)
Alfred S. Burt (track 5)
Jule Styne (track 4)
Irving Berlin (track 6)
Ralph Carmichael (1960) (track 5)
lead vocals:
David Bowie (English singer, songwriter & actor) (track 8)
Bing Crosby (track 8)
Irving Berlin (track 6)
Sammy Cahn (track 4)
Wihla Hutson (track 5)
Richard B. Smith (wrote lyrics to "Winter Wonderland") (track 2)
Al Stillman (track 10)
Peter J. Wilhousky (track 7)
Lee Gillette (track 5)
Peggy Lee (jazz vocalist) (track 6)
Nat King Cole (1960) (track 5)
Katherine K. Davis (1941) (track 8)
Henry Onorati (1958) (track 8)
Harry Simeone (1958) (track 8)
Ian Fraser (English composer, conductor, orchestrator, arranger and music director) (1977) (track 8)
Larry Grossman (1977) (track 8)
Buz Kohan (1977) (track 8)
phonographic copyright by:
Capitol Records, Inc. (not for release label use; company behind the “Capitol Records” imprint) (track 12)
Capitol Records, Inc. (not for release label use; company behind the “Capitol Records” imprint) (1965) (track 6)
EMI Music (do not use as release label! this is a music publisher) (track 2)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track 2)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track 2)
edit of:
Carol of the Bells (Jim Dooley's arrangement) (track 7)
Ring Christmas Bells (for Sara Stevens) (track 7)
cover recording of:
Happy Holiday (track 6)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
Talven ihmemaa (track 2)
Winter Wonderland (track 2)
ウィンターワンダーランド (Japanese version of “Winter Wonderland”) (track 2)
later versions:
Carol of the Bells (Nox Arcana version) (track 7)
Winter Wunderwelt (track 2)
medley of:
Carol of the Drum (aka “The Little Drummer Boy”) (track 8)
Peace on Earth (track 8)
recording of:
Carol of the Bells (track 7)
Caroling, Caroling (track 5)
Winter Wonderland (track 2)
Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy (1977-09-11) (track 8)
referred to in medleys:
Megamix 1 (It Must Be Christmas) (track 2)
Megamix 3 (It Must Be Christmas) (track 2)
Mix 2 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 2)
Polarlufteinbruch (track 2)
version of:
Shchedryk (track 7)