12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 The Day I Let You Get Away
The Little Ramblers 2:42
A2 One Night In Monte Carlo
Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven 3:04
A3 At The Codfish Ball
Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven 3:09
A4 I Hope Gabriel Like My Music
Stew Pletcher 3:18
A5 Where Or When
The Benny Goodman Trio 3:23
B1 Smiles
The Benny Goodman Quartet 3:03
B2 Spreadin' Knowledge Around
The Dean and His Kids 2:42
B3 So Rare
Edgar Hayes Quintet 3:05
B4 Spain
Bob Crosby and The Bob Cats 3:07
B5 Home On The Range
Connee Boswell Accompanied By Bob Crosby's Bob Cats 2:37
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 Vol Vistu Gaily Star
Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven 2:41
C2 Pagin' The Devil
Kansas City Six 2:56
C3 Fan It
Woody Herman and His Woodchoppers 3:01
C4 Zonky
Six Men and a Girl 3:00
C5 Down The Road A-Piece
Will Bradley 3:09
D1 Whispering
Tommy Dorsey And His Sentimentalists 2:58
D2 June
Barney Bigard and His Orchestra 3:19
D3 Junior Hop
Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra 3:04
D4 Subtle Slough
Rex Stewart & His Orchestra 3:17
D5 Ribs And Hot Sauce
Lionel Hampton & His Septet 2:31
D6 Hi 'Ya, Sophia
The Benny Goodman Sextet 3:08