12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 The Host of Seraphim
3.75 6:19
A2 Orbis de Ignis
A3 Severance
3.5 3:23
A4 The Writing on My Father’s Hand
4.5 3:50
A5 In the Kingdom of the Blind the One‐Eyed Are Kings
4 4:12
B6 Chant of the Paladin
3 3:49
B7 Song of Sophia
3 1:24
B8 Echolalia
B9 Mother Tongue
B10 Ullyses
4 5:10


12" Vinyl 1

Dead Can Dance (Australian musical project) (track A1)
Lisa Gerrard (tracks A1–B10)
Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) (tracks A1–B10)
Michael Stearns (track A1)
Dead Can Dance (Australian musical project) (tracks A1, A3, A5, B7)
John A. Rivers (tracks A1–A2, B7, B10)
additionally sampled by:
Find Out by Cosma (track B7)
Simplicity by Cosma (track B7)
music videos:
sampled by:
Marrakesh by Shimon and Gimble (track B7)
Unity (Allende Remix) by Orkidea, Allende (lead vocals) (track A1)
Unity (Solarstone Pure Remix) by Orkidea, Solarstone (lead vocals) (track A1)
is the basis for:
part of:
Baraka (Film by Ron Fricke) (track A1)
recording of:
Echolalia (track B8)
Mother Tongue (track B9)
Orbis de Ignis (track A2)
Severance (track A3)
Song of Sophia (track B7)
Ullyses (track B10)