Even though credited in the booklet, the person 'Doreen' did not provide photography for this release. She initially provided a photograph for the inside of the booklet but this photograph was removed before production and replaced by a different one by 'Daniël Dijkstra' in a later version of the booklet.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 F.S.P.o.S.M.F. 2:24
2 The Underground 2:14
3 Justice 2:56
4 Cage of Depression 2:48
5 Deception 2:42
6 Driving to Perfection 2:53
7 Instrumental 2:22
8 Reconquering 3:36
9 Falling Back 3:43


CD 1

background vocals:
Serge van Rooijen (track 2)
Eelco Baas (tracks 1–9)
Douwe de Boer (tracks 1–9)
Daniël Dijkstra (tracks 1–9)
Rene Feenstra (tracks 1–9)
Serge van Rooijen (tracks 4–5, 7, 9)
Douwe de Boer (track 1)
De Bruut (track 1)
recording of:
Cage of Depression (track 4)
Deception (track 5)
F.S.P.o.S.M.F. (track 1)
Falling Back (track 9)
Instrumental (track 7)
Justice (track 3)
Reconquering (track 8)
The Underground (track 2)
version of:
Falling Back (track 9)


design/illustration:Hans Klaver
photography and graphic design:Daniël Dijkstra
co-mixer and additional producer:Daniël Dijkstra
Rene Feenstra
mixer:Marc ter Braak (from 2006-11-19 until 2006-11-20)
producer:Marc ter Braak
recording engineer:Harry Wijering (engineer, guitar, producer) (from 2006-08-17 until 2006-08-20)
bass guitar:Jan Snip
guitar:Eelco Baas
Rene Feenstra
membranophone:Daniël Dijkstra
lyricist:Douwe de Boer
vocals:Douwe de Boer