12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Best Foot Forward
3 0:49
A2 Building Steam With a Grain of Salt
4 6:40
A3 The Number Song
3 4:40
B1 Changeling / **Transmission 1
4 7:51
B2 Stem / Long Stem
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 **Transmission 2 / Mutual Slump
C2 Organ Donor
3 1:57
C3 Why Hip Hop Sucks in '96
2 0:43
C4 Midnight in a Perfect World
4 4:57
D1 Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain
3 9:23
D2 What Does Your Soul Look Like, Part 1: Blue Sky Revisit / **Transmission 3
4 7:28


12" Vinyl 1

DJ Shadow (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (tracks A1–B1)
compilation of:
**Transmission 1 by DJ Shadow (track B1)
Changeling by DJ Shadow (track B1)
has remixes:
AJ Scratch by Kurtis Blow (track A3)
Been Had by Sapo (track A3)
Breakdown by T La Rock (track A3)
I Need You by H.P. Riot (track A2)
I Worship You by Lexia (track A2)
Inner Mood I by Kay Gardner (track B1)
It's My Turn by Stezo (track A1)
Klondyke Netti by Embryo (track B1)
Orion by Metallica (track A3)
Quit Jivin' by Pearly Queen (track A3)
Soft Shell by Motherlode (track B1)
The Real Deal by Lifers Group (track A1)
Touching Souls by Kay Gardner (track B1)
recording of:
Best Foot Forward (track A1)
The Number Song (track A3)

12" Vinyl 2

DJ Shadow (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (tracks C2–D2)
Gift of Gab (US rapper Tim Parker of Blackalicious) (track C4)
Lyrics Born (track C3)
has remixes:
The Departed by Kool A.D. (track D1)
Outta State by Akinyele (track C4)
PM or Later by The New Breed (track C2)
Soul by S.O.U.L. (track C4)
Tears by Giorgio (track C2)
Walk on By by Jo Ann Garrett (track D1)
recording of:
Organ Donor (track C2)