Hyacinths and Thistles

~ Release by The 6ths (see all versions of this release, 3 available)


CD 1
1As You Turn to Go
lead vocals:
Momus (Scottish singer/songwriter)
The 6ths with Momus3.51:59
2Give Me Back My Dreams
lead vocals:
Sally Timms
The 6ths with Sally Timms33:07
3He Didn’t
lead vocals:
Bob Mould
The 6ths with Bob Mould42:30
4I’ve Got New York
lead vocals:
Melanie (US singer-songwriter Melanie Safka)
The 6ths with Melanie32:12
5Just Like a Movie Star
lead vocals:
Dominique A
The 6ths with Dominique A34:12
6Kissing Things
lead vocals:
Sarah Cracknell
The 6ths with Sarah Cracknell42:29
lead vocals:
Miho Hatori
The 6ths with Miho Hatori3.51:45
8Night Falls Like a Grand Piano
lead vocals:
Clare Grogan
The 6ths with Clare Grogan42:36
9The Dead Only Quickly
lead vocals:
Neil Hannon
The 6ths with Neil Hannon41:04
10The Sailor in Love With the Sea
lead vocals:
Gary Numan
The 6ths with Gary Numan32:41
lead vocals:
Marc Almond (English pop singer and songwriter)
The 6ths with Marc Almond33:06
12Waltzing Me All the Way Home
lead vocals:
Odetta (Holmes)
The 6ths with Odetta31:51
13You You You You You
lead vocals:
Katharine Whalen
The 6ths with Katharine Whalen53:11
14OahuThe 6ths with Miss Lily Banquette328:10