Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Tales of Destruction
The Dogs D’Amour 3:14
A2 The Clerical Conspiracy
Sabbat 5:38
A3 (Na Na) Nukklear Rokket
Wrathchild 3:25
A4 Seventh Church of the Apocalyptic Lawnmower
Lawnmower Deth 2:35
A5 Low Life
Trixx 5:45
A6 Read My Lips
Tattooed Love Boys 2:58
A7 Goddess
Acid Reign 3:37
A8 Rock 'n' Roll Lady
Lisa Dominique 3:25
A9 I'm on Fire
Mantas 3:20
A10 Deny Reality
Re-Animator 4:51
A11 Surrender
Midnight Blue 4:05
A12 Queen of the Night
Death Trash 2:50
B1 Living Without You
Tigertailz 4:04
B2 Prey to the Lord
Deathwish 7:20
B3 Looking for a Lady
Last of the Teenage Idols 3:38
B4 Testify to Me
Virus 4:41
B5 Nights on Fire
Torino 3:25
B6 Spirit Cry
Sacrilege 4:02
B7 Love Attack
After Hours 3:58
B8 One Way Ride
Lixx 5:45
B9 Madman
Metal Messiah 3:32
B10 So Alone
Soho Roses 3:11


Cassette 1

bass guitar:
Fraser Craske (1989-01 – 1989-03) (track A2)
Simon Negus (1989-01 – 1989-03) (track A2)
Simon Jones (Sabbat guitarist) (1989-01 – 1989-03) (track A2)
guitar family:
Andy Sneap (1989-01 – 1989-03) (track A2)
Andy Sneap (track A2)
Roy Rowland (track A2)
Martin Walkyier (track A2)
Roy Rowland (track A2)
Roy Rowland (track A2)
Martin Walkyier (1989-01 – 1989-03) (track A2)
mixed at:
Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany (track A2)
recorded at:
Sky Trak Studio in Berlin, Germany (1989-01 – 1989-03) (track A2)
recording of:
Livin' Without You (track B1)
The Clerical Conspiracy (1989-01 – 1989-03) (track A2)

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