Cat#s: T 2354 (sleeve), T-2354 (labels)
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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 The Girl From New York City
A2 Amusement Parks U.S.A.
A3 Then I Kissed Her
A4 Salt Lake City
A5 Girl Don't Tell Me
A6 Help Me, Rhonda
3 2:45
B1 California Girls
4 2:37
B2 Let Him Run Wild
B3 You're So Good to Me
B4 Summer Means New Love
B5 I'm Bugged at My Ol' Man
B6 And Your Dream Comes True


12" Vinyl 1

Israel Baker (track B4)
Arnold Belnick (track B4)
James Getzoff (track B4)
Bernard Kundell (track B4)
Leonard Malarsky (track B4)
Ralph Schaeffer (track B4)
Sid Sharp (track B4)
Tibor Zelig (track B4)
other instruments [wood block hit on tambourine]:
Billy Strange (track B2)
Hammond organ [Hammond B3 organ]:
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (track A6)
drums (drum set):
Hal Blaine (tracks A3, A6–B1)
bass guitar:
Jerry Cole (track A2)
Carol Kaye (tracks A2–A4, A6–B2, B4)
Ray Pohlman (track A1)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A3, A5)
Al Jardine (track B3)
Roy Caton (tracks A4, B1)
Joseph DiFiore (track B4)
Harry Hyams (track B4)
Hal Blaine (tracks A1–A2, A4, B2, B4)
Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks A5, B3)
Billy Strange (track B1)
Ron Swallow (tracks A3, A5, B3)
Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) (track B2)
Al De Lory (track B1)
Bruce Johnston (tracks A3, B3)
Leon Russell (tracks A2–A4)
Glen Campbell (US country singer, guitarist & actor) (track A3)
Jerry Cole (track A4)
René Hall (track A3)
Howard Roberts (jazz guitarist, educator, session musician and producer) (tracks A4, B1–B2)
Billy Strange (tracks A2, A4)
Al Jardine (tracks A1, A3)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks A1, A3–A6)
guitar [lead guitar]:
Tommy Tedesco (track B4)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (track B3)
guitar [rhythm guitar]:
Billy Strange (track B4)
electric piano:
Leon Russell (track B2)
Frank Capp (tracks A4, B1–B2, B4)
Julius Wechter (track A2)
double bass [acoustic bass]:
Jimmy Bond (track B2)
double bass [upright bass]:
Chuck Berghofer (track A2)
Jimmy Bond (track A3)
Cliff Hils (bassist) (track A1)
Lyle Ritz (tracks A4, B1)
electric guitar:
Al Jardine (track B3)
bass saxophone:
Jack Nimitz (track B1)
Bruce Johnston (track A5)
Steve Douglas (American saxophonist, flautist and clarinetist) (tracks A1, A4)
Plas Johnson (track A4)
Jay Migliori (track A4)
Jack Nimitz (track A1)
Al De Lory (track A4)
Bruce Johnston (track A1)
Leon Russell (tracks A4, B1)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A2–A3, B3, B5)
piano [acoustic piano]:
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (track A6)
Bruce Johnston (tracks B2–B3)
Ron Swallow (track B2)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks B2–B3)
Al Jardine (track B2)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks B2–B3)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (track B2)
Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks B2–B3)
baritone saxophone:
Jay Migliori (tracks A2, B1, B4)
12 string guitar:
Jerry Cole (track B1)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks B1–B2)
Frank Capp (track A3)
grand piano [acoustic grand piano]:
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (track B4)
tenor saxophone:
Steve Douglas (American saxophonist, flautist and clarinetist) (tracks A2, B1–B2, B4)
French horn:
William Hinshaw (American horn player) (track B4)
additional lyricist:
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (track A6)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks B1, B4)
background vocals:
Bruce Johnston (tracks B2–B3)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A6, B2–B3)
Al Jardine (tracks B2–B3)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks A6, B2–B3)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks A6, B2–B3)
Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks A6, B2)
Marilyn Wilson (track B3)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A1–A2, A4–B6)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks B1, B6)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (track B4)
Chuck Britz (tracks A6, B2, B6)
Bill Pitman (track A3)
lead vocals:
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A2, A4, B2–B3)
Al Jardine (tracks A3, A6)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks A1–A2, A4, B1)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (track A5)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A1–A2, A4–B3, B5–B6)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks B1, B6)
other vocals [carnival barker]:
Hal Blaine (track A2)
other vocals [laughter]:
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (track A2)
sound engineer:
Chuck Britz (track B4)
Bruce Johnston (tracks A1, A3, B1)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A1, A3, B5–B6)
Al Jardine (tracks A1–A2, A4, B1, B6)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks A3, B6)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks A1–A4, B1, B5–B6)
Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks A2–A4, B1, B5)
Marilyn Wilson (track B5)
Jeff Barry (track A3)
Ellie Greenwich (track A3)
Phil Spector (track A3)
ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use "ABKCO") (track A3)
Irving Music (BMI) (track A5)
Irving Music, Inc. (track A6)
Malt Shoppe Music (track A3)
Rondor Music (London) Ltd. (tracks A6–B1)
Steeplechase Music (track A3)
recorded at:
Universal Recording Studios (1965-02-24) (track A6)
has remixes:
cover recording of:
Then He Kissed Me (track A3)
later parody versions:
Help Me, Rhoda (track A6)
later translated versions:
Et je m'en vais (And Then He Kissed Me) (track A3)
recording of:
California Girls (track B1)
Help Me, Rhonda (track A6)
Let Him Run Wild (track B2)
Salt Lake City (track A4)
referred to in medleys:
Beach Boys Medley (track A6)
translated parody version of:
Hjelp meg Ragna (track A6)
version of: