Definitive Acid House Mastercuts™ Volume 1
Classic Acid Mastercuts Volume 1 is the thirty second release in the Mastercuts Series.

Track 6 is misidentified as 'Club Mix' on the back cover, but correctly mentioned as 'Apocalypse Mix' in the booklet.
Track 8 is misidentified as 'Tyree Mix' on the release, but it is actually the Piano 'Matey' Mix.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Poke (After Poke mix)
The Endless Poker's 5:21
2 Acid Tracks
Phuture 12:21
3 Dream Girl (Ralph Rosario mix)
Pierre's Pfantasy Club 8:50
4 Acid Thunder (Fast Eddie mix)
Fast Eddie 4:31
5 Lack of Love (club mix)
Charles B 6:19
6 Machines (Apocalypse mix)
Laurent X 6:47
7 The Groove That Won't Stop
Kevin Saunderson 7:38
8 Acid Over (Piano 'Matey' mix)
Tyree 5:05
9 Fantasy Girl (club mix)
Pierre's Pfantasy Club 8:05
10 Land of Confusion (Confusion mix)
Armando 5:14
11 Magic Feet
Mike Dunn 6:04


CD 1

Herbert Jackson (track 2)
DJ Pierre (US House DJ/producer Nathaniel Pierre Jones) (track 2)
Spanky (Producer/Remixer Earl Smith Jr.) (track 2)
Magic Amp (track 1)
Mike Dunn (acid house DJ) (track 11)
Chris Westbrook (track 11)
NANADA Music (track 11)
recording of:
Acid Tracks (track 2)
Magic Feet (track 11)