CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Through Silver in Blood 4 12:11
2 Rehumanize 4 1:47
3 Eye 5:18
4 Purify 5 12:18
5 Locust Star 4 5:48
6 Strength of Fates 9:44
7 Become the Ocean 1:27
8 Aeon 11:44
9 Enclosure in Flame 10:20


CD 1

Dave Edwardson (track 5)
Steve von Till (track 5)
Neurot Music (track 5)
recording of:
Aeon (track 8)
Become the Ocean (track 7)
Enclosure in Flame (track 9)
Eye (track 3)
Locust Star (track 5)
Purify (track 4)
Rehumanize (track 2)
Strength of Fates (track 6)


design/illustration:Neurosis (US sludge metal band)
miscellaneous support:Scot King
assistant engineer:Mike Bogus
Mike Johnson (recording engineer and producer)
Adam Muñoz
producer:Billy Anderson (producer / engineer)
Neurosis (US sludge metal band)
recording engineer:Billy Anderson (producer / engineer)
mastering:George Horn (engineer)
additional bagpipe:John Goff (San Diego musician)
additional cello:Martha Burns
additional violin:Kris Force (American musician)
performer:Dave Edwardson
Pete Inc.
Scott Kelly (Singer & Guitarist for Neurosis)
Noah Landis
Jason Roeder
Steve von Till
recorded at:Brilliant and Coast in San Francisco, California, United States
mixed at:Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, California, United States
mastered at:Fantasy Studios (Berkeley) in Berkeley, California, United States
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ASIN:US: B00000112Q [info]
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