Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Blank File 2.5 4:08
A2 My Land 3.5 4:39
A3 8th Commandment 2.5 3:44
A4 Replica 3.4 4:57
A5 Kingdom for a Heart 3.5 3:54
B1 FullMoon 2.5 5:10
B2 Letter to Dana 3.5 6:03
B3 UnOpened 3 3:45
B4 Picturing the Past 3.5 3:39
B5 Destruction Preventer 2 7:39


Cassette 1

drums (drum set):
Tommy Portimo (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
bass guitar:
Janne Kivilahti (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
Jani Liimatainen (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
Tony Kakko (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
Tony Kakko (tracks A1–A2, A4–B3)
guest flute:
Raisa Aine (flutist) (track B2)
lead vocals:
Tony Kakko (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
Tony Kakko (tracks A1–A2, A4–B3)
Mikko Karmila (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
Ahti Kortelainen (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
Sonata Arctica (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
Tony Kakko (tracks A3, B4)
Jani Liimatainen (tracks A3, B4)
mixed at:
Finnvox Studiot in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
produced at:
Tico Tico Studio in Kemi, Lappi, Finland (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
recorded at:
Tico Tico Studio in Kemi, Lappi, Finland (1999) (tracks A2–A5, B2–B4)
later versions:
recording of:
8th Commandment (track A3)
Blank File (track A1)
FullMoon (track B1)
Kingdom for a Heart (track A5)
Letter to Dana (track B2)
My Land (track A2)
Picturing the Past (track B4)
Replica (track A4)
UnOpened (track B3)


mixer:Mikko Karmila
recording engineer:Ahti Kortelainen
mastering:Mika Jussila (mastering engineer)
remastered versions:Ecliptica (2008 reissue)
Ecliptica (2008 reissue)
Ecliptica (2008 reissue)
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